There are several distinct available options if any chance you are interested in advertising and or sponsoring my blog. I welcome any kind of adds and sponsorship from both small or even large business. The approval process is going to be done through email
  1. Sponsorsed Apparels I simply choose one of your apparels from your shop, you send me one, as I receive the item then I will take an outfit photos. I will post it on my blog and tag your shop as "Outfit" and "Sponsorship" post. I will also share your shop's link through my post. The apparels which has been sent to me will be mine. (see here as the example)
  2. Model for Your Shop/Photography/Portofolio I also can be a model for shop or photography needs (for example for your final project, etc). (see here as the example) (see here as the example)
  3. Banner Ads on Sidebar Your shop's banner will appear on the sidebar of my blog for a moment that we have been discussed before. I (still) don't mind about the size of the banner for now on.
  4. Brand/Product/Website Review I will elaborate some issues about your items and website, such as the benefit of your product, what I love about the product, etc. I will tag the post as "Review" and "Sponsorship" as well. The products that you have sent to me then will be mine. (see here as the example) (see here as the example)
  5. Giveaway Sponsor can also hold a giveaway on my blog. There are some requirements for this one and it will be discussed through email.
  6. Others If sponsor would like to offer other kind of sponsorship/ads ideas, feel free to contact me through email.
These several options above are the basic one. I also put a rate on some ads and sponsorhips above. I accept BCA as the local bank for payment and Paypal for International payment.
For further information, you may contact me through

Thank you so much :)

Eva Silviana of Crunchy Cheese Me.
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