Sunday, September 18, 2016


Right after I got my hair cut, I feel like an oldiest. Matching my "oldiest" hair with this "oldiest" car which was parked outside my house. Hehe feels like Nike Ardilla in a moment..
Let's go driving!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Tule for The Knot.

Wedding story will probably be the best story ever for each couple in this world. How far and how long they maintain their relationship, I believe that each of them are willing to end their relationship to the knot. Therefore, when couples have started their journey in wedding preparation, they won't stop to make it as the best wedding ever, because who wants to have the second wedding in our lives? Imagine, on your wedding day, you will be the star of the day. Your groom will take your hand from your father's, and every single thing you do will be photographed beautifully by the professional one. Your guests will be very excited to see you, and of course to judge not only your make up, but also your wedding dress. Yes, your wedding dress.

Girls, don't ruin your day.

I personally have various kind of wedding dress favorites lately. Ya well, I actually just can keep one until two wedding dresses style for mine. One for my holy matrimony and one for the wedding reception. And since I am a big fan of outdoor wedding, especially when it is held in the garden, I think I have to think twice to find the most suitable wedding dress for my reception day. And so far.. I think it goes to tule!

Find out more about tule wedding dresses? Check out more from Dressilyme. You will find bunch of cheap wedding dresses there, specially made for you wedding day. All pictures above are taken from that website. Are there any of your favorites? Check out more now!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Vanilla with Cherry on Top.

H&M White Loose Top, Zara Pants, Michael Kors Bag, Fossil Watch, Choker by @thyvintagelad

This is how I started my day to spend my long weekend yesterday. Going out for a while to try a new cafe in town. Strolling down the street like there's no tomorrow. Feeling so blessed with this white top, with the berry touch on my lips. It was a sweet afternoon, accompanied by the sweet vanilla milkshake with cherry on top and some of my best friends. Chilling out with the windy vibes of the cafe. It was a perfect day.
Wish you all have a sweet long weekend ahead anyway!

LoveMuach, Silvi.


Summer has passed (I guess), but I think I still need something bling bling on my body. Not the shimmering body, I just need something that can shine from my ear. Yup! What else you need besides jewelries? I personally can't live without my earrings. I've been pierced since I was a baby, and up until now I always wear the real gold jewelries for my earrings because my skin got irritated so easily when I wear the fake one or plastic. However, I found something different from products. Body Jewelry specializes in unique belly button rings, tongue rings, nose rings, nipple rings, eyebrows rings, gold belly button rings, ear plug body jewelry, and many more. It always gives its number one quality for the material of each product. So don't worry to get itchy or irritated if you have a very sensitive skin like me. The price is really affordable as well. You will really have no regret to check this jewelries! Body jewelry fashion has become so popular and desirable lately. However, I still love earrings products though. It always launches the latest fashion trend of earrings, here are some of my favorites.

Very unique yet sophisticated. You can mix and match it with any kind of outfit, either the simple one of the glamorous one. To the mall or to the special occasion such as your sister's wedding, perhaps?

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LoveMuach, Silvi.

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