Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nu Hair.

Brown Long Vest from somewhere in Japan, UP Shoes, Forever 21 Jegging, Michael Kors Mini Satchel Bag, Fossil Watch

I has been a very busy week with a super tight-schedule. I even can run from my office desk to the toilet to pee, then after that I'd be right back again to my desk to continue my work. No caffeine, no foods. I was so depressed with the work loads and drowned into my own sadness to deep. No me time, no movie time. But in the middle of those sucks things, I get myself a little bit boring with my previous hairstyle. Long and straight. That's all. So in a one bad afternoon, with a very bad mood, for sure, I suddenly decided to cut my hair into... that short. Yes, that short.

This is even my shortest hair ever after around 2 decades, perhaps? Just can't imagine my round face with this short hair. But I guess it came not pretty bad, huh? I think I like the haircut and the styling. Just perfectly match into my round face and grumpy face.

Should I cut even shorter anyway? Need comments!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

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