Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Mom's Love.

Do you ever imagine how our mom feel on our wedding day (later)? Oh sure I haven't felt one. But I think I know how to serve my mom well later on my wedding day. What makes feel ladies any better than nice dresses? I don't find one, I guess. So here are some tips to find the perfect and cheap mother of the bride dresses. Hopefully it would be useful as well for your mom.

First things first..

Imagine how your mother dress up daily. I can capture on my mind that my mom is a maxi-dress lovers. She wears maxi dress wherever she goes. She gets almost all pattern for maxi dress, plain, color block, leopard, floral. She gets her maxi dress from everywhere, the best boutique in town to a small boutique around my neighborhood. So basically she will be really okay to wear any kind of long dresses on my wedding day later. Second, you should know what fabrics or materials does she really feel comfortable most. My mom gets sweaty so easy, and she can get itch really easy when the materials is not the good one. So I think I use find my mom kind of soft fabrics so that she will enjoy the d day.

So, after imagine what kind of dress she really feel comfortable with, I think I will choose these kind of dresses below.. I love the pattern, I love the colors, and also I really love the fabrics. I believe that my mom will be so stunning on one of it, even on the three of them. Actually 3 of them are my favorites. They might be yours too, so check this out!

Do you love one? Or all of them?
Check out directly on
And plan your own mom's favorite dresses!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

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