Saturday, July 16, 2016

Create Your Own Wedding Gown!

Hi everyone! I am on my weekend getaway right now. Got a little time to post on my blog again, so I decided to share this thing to you. So, I have just done attending my aunty's wedding. It was a super modest yet sacred wedding. The groom and the bride took their vow to live happily ever after solemnly. Just as happy as my aunty's face all day long. I was curious about that, so when I met her in the middle of the wedding guest crowd, I asked her why is she so happy today. She replied "Yes, I am happy since today is my wedding day. He (the groom) is mine forever, start from this moment. I besides, my wedding gown is beyond perfect. Everyone likes it, including me. It makes me happy all day long I guess."

So then I just realize how important the wedding gown is. I believe that you guys only want to hold the only one wedding day, so, everything should be prepared as the best you can do, right? Especially the bride. Girls, I am sure that wedding gown does matter, right? So here are some tips that I finally got (after looking for some website on the internet) and ask some people around me. Check this out!

As wedding gown does matter, some brides usually tend to make it by herself. I mean, mostly girls want to have her own custom design and best tailored. If you are one of them, you surely should check this one out. It is custom dress by Dressilyme. Dressilyme will make every effort to match your customer bridal gown or special occasion dress to your photo. It is a website base gown company that has been established since 2009.

What I love about Dressilyme wedding dress is that it always give the best pattern and materials for the customer. Since I am currently in love with tulle, these two pictures below would be perfect for me, or even for you too.

Please note that there are no returns for custom gowns unless there is a manufacturing fault or the dress has not been made to the exact measurements that you have provided. However, eversince I know this website, I think the customer always response with a good comment, so I don't think that you will need to return your wedding gown.

So, happy trying! :)

LoveMuach, Silvi.

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