Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chasing the Sunrise.

I am a travel junkie since I don't know when. Maybe it is just a coincidence or the universe just let me into it. I met a lot of friends who really love natures back then when I was in my University life. I did camping, mountaineering, cooking with the nature, preparing out bond, etc. Mother nature gives me peace and serenity. As I started to work, I feel like the universe does not want to let me go away from it. I get chances to go here and there, from one city to another city. And one of my favorite thing is, some places are really new for me, and I thank God that I can reach there, watching God's masterpiece, it is His wonderful creation.

One of the best sunrise I have ever seen was one in Dieng, back then in 2015. I was on duty in Semarang for 2 months. Since I was far away from home, family, friends, I just let myself to explore more about this city. So I asked some of my office mates to accompany me to explore Dieng, located in Central of Java.

I just prepared for a full-of-24-hours short getaway from Semarang to Dieng. It took like 5-6 hours driving from Semarang to the the peak of Sikunir Hill, in Dieng. I remember that I started my trip at 6 p.m, and arrived at 12 a.m. I took a sleep for around 3 hours and the I prepared myself to hike the hill to watch the sunrise. Too bad, it was raining. The sun shone shyly. But I did really remember, around 6 a.m, the sun started to shine brightly for around 10 minutes, and then it started to hide again. However, that 10-minutes-sunrise was just the best sunrise in my life. Thank God!

Then I started my journey here. I road down the street from the peak of Sikunir Hill to Talaga Warna and friends. And it was just amazing. Cold weather, nice views, good friends. Everything was just so perfect. Here are some pictures below, taken from my XM-1 Fujifilm camera.

I really hope that I get another chance to go to Dieng again.

LoveMuach, Silvi.


  1. Wow, your pictures are really beautiful! This place seems to be magic :)
    Have a great new week!
    conscious lifestyle of mine


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