Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Mom's Love.

Do you ever imagine how our mom feel on our wedding day (later)? Oh sure I haven't felt one. But I think I know how to serve my mom well later on my wedding day. What makes feel ladies any better than nice dresses? I don't find one, I guess. So here are some tips to find the perfect and cheap mother of the bride dresses. Hopefully it would be useful as well for your mom.

First things first..

Imagine how your mother dress up daily. I can capture on my mind that my mom is a maxi-dress lovers. She wears maxi dress wherever she goes. She gets almost all pattern for maxi dress, plain, color block, leopard, floral. She gets her maxi dress from everywhere, the best boutique in town to a small boutique around my neighborhood. So basically she will be really okay to wear any kind of long dresses on my wedding day later. Second, you should know what fabrics or materials does she really feel comfortable most. My mom gets sweaty so easy, and she can get itch really easy when the materials is not the good one. So I think I use find my mom kind of soft fabrics so that she will enjoy the d day.

So, after imagine what kind of dress she really feel comfortable with, I think I will choose these kind of dresses below.. I love the pattern, I love the colors, and also I really love the fabrics. I believe that my mom will be so stunning on one of it, even on the three of them. Actually 3 of them are my favorites. They might be yours too, so check this out!

Do you love one? Or all of them?
Check out directly on
And plan your own mom's favorite dresses!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Neckline and Jaws.

ATS The Label White Off Shoulder Top, Ruby Flatshoes

Another white addiction for this weekend to show off my neckline and jaws. It would be perfect for Bandung sunny yet windy weather. Oh.. how can't I fall over heels in love with this city? No city can beat Bandung, the city I love the most.

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Create Your Own Wedding Gown!

Hi everyone! I am on my weekend getaway right now. Got a little time to post on my blog again, so I decided to share this thing to you. So, I have just done attending my aunty's wedding. It was a super modest yet sacred wedding. The groom and the bride took their vow to live happily ever after solemnly. Just as happy as my aunty's face all day long. I was curious about that, so when I met her in the middle of the wedding guest crowd, I asked her why is she so happy today. She replied "Yes, I am happy since today is my wedding day. He (the groom) is mine forever, start from this moment. I besides, my wedding gown is beyond perfect. Everyone likes it, including me. It makes me happy all day long I guess."

So then I just realize how important the wedding gown is. I believe that you guys only want to hold the only one wedding day, so, everything should be prepared as the best you can do, right? Especially the bride. Girls, I am sure that wedding gown does matter, right? So here are some tips that I finally got (after looking for some website on the internet) and ask some people around me. Check this out!

As wedding gown does matter, some brides usually tend to make it by herself. I mean, mostly girls want to have her own custom design and best tailored. If you are one of them, you surely should check this one out. It is custom dress by Dressilyme. Dressilyme will make every effort to match your customer bridal gown or special occasion dress to your photo. It is a website base gown company that has been established since 2009.

What I love about Dressilyme wedding dress is that it always give the best pattern and materials for the customer. Since I am currently in love with tulle, these two pictures below would be perfect for me, or even for you too.

Please note that there are no returns for custom gowns unless there is a manufacturing fault or the dress has not been made to the exact measurements that you have provided. However, eversince I know this website, I think the customer always response with a good comment, so I don't think that you will need to return your wedding gown.

So, happy trying! :)

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chasing the Sunrise.

I am a travel junkie since I don't know when. Maybe it is just a coincidence or the universe just let me into it. I met a lot of friends who really love natures back then when I was in my University life. I did camping, mountaineering, cooking with the nature, preparing out bond, etc. Mother nature gives me peace and serenity. As I started to work, I feel like the universe does not want to let me go away from it. I get chances to go here and there, from one city to another city. And one of my favorite thing is, some places are really new for me, and I thank God that I can reach there, watching God's masterpiece, it is His wonderful creation.

One of the best sunrise I have ever seen was one in Dieng, back then in 2015. I was on duty in Semarang for 2 months. Since I was far away from home, family, friends, I just let myself to explore more about this city. So I asked some of my office mates to accompany me to explore Dieng, located in Central of Java.

I just prepared for a full-of-24-hours short getaway from Semarang to Dieng. It took like 5-6 hours driving from Semarang to the the peak of Sikunir Hill, in Dieng. I remember that I started my trip at 6 p.m, and arrived at 12 a.m. I took a sleep for around 3 hours and the I prepared myself to hike the hill to watch the sunrise. Too bad, it was raining. The sun shone shyly. But I did really remember, around 6 a.m, the sun started to shine brightly for around 10 minutes, and then it started to hide again. However, that 10-minutes-sunrise was just the best sunrise in my life. Thank God!

Then I started my journey here. I road down the street from the peak of Sikunir Hill to Talaga Warna and friends. And it was just amazing. Cold weather, nice views, good friends. Everything was just so perfect. Here are some pictures below, taken from my XM-1 Fujifilm camera.

I really hope that I get another chance to go to Dieng again.

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dry Skin No More. #Vaseline5Waktu #VaselineMunggahan

Kulit super sensitif dan kering. Kurang lebih dua kata itu lah yang sangat menggambarkan kulit saya. Terlebih jika saya berada di tempat yang udaranya sangat sejuk atau di ruangan tertutup dengan temperatur yang sangat rendah. Kulit saya akan tampak bersisik, terlebih di kulit sekitaran tulang kering dan tangan. Yes, dua spot itu merupakan spot yang rawan banget untuk perempuan. Pertama, saya jadi agak minder jika menggunakan rok atau celana pendek, karena kaki saya akan terlihat bersisiknya. Kedua, menggunakan baju lengan pendek pun agak kurang pede kalau kulit tangan saya sedang kering banget.

But I think the problem has faded away since I moved away to Jakarta again (YEAY!)

Tapi ternyata tidak begitu juga. Sepulangnya saya ke Jakarta setelah merantau sekitar hampir 4 tahun di Bandung yang super dingin, akhirnya saya dihadapi dengan hal yang namanya.. Kerja! Dunia kerja tidak seindah yang saya bayangkan juga. Kegiatan yang banyak, deadline yang menumpuk, pikiran yang ngejelimet, tidak hanya membuat tubuh yang kurang fit, tetapi juga membuat kulit saya semakin stress. Terlebih dengan kondisi kantor yang dinginya sudah seperti di Kutub! Dingin banget. Alhasil kulit saya semakin kering.. dan ya kembali seperti bersisik.

Berkali-kali saya mencoba gonta-ganti body lotion. Dari yang wangi buah-buahan hingga wangi kembang 7 rupa. Dari yang warna putih hingga hitam. Dari yang harganya cuma 20rb/botol hingga yang ratusan ribu rupiah. Tapi rasanya.. dari semua produk yang sudah saya coba, saya benar-benar jatuh cinta dengan yang namanya VASELINE! I like all variants of Vaseline anyway. Saya sering coba-coba varian yang ada. Dan 3 ini merupakan favorit saya. Dengan wangi yang tidak terlalu menyengat dan harga yang sangat masuk akal, Vaseline selalu nyaman digunakan untuk day-to-day life saya.

Aloe Soothe.
Very light and smells so good. Saya dari dulu suka banget dengan namanya lidah buaya. Karena saya percaya kalau kandungan dari lidah buaya itu sangat baik untuk kulit. Hingga beberapa kali saya mencoba untuk pakai getah lidah buaya itu langsung dari tumbuhannya setelah dimasukkan ke kulkas. Rasanya enak banget, dingin-dingin dan saya tersugesti kalau kulit saya semakin halus kalau pakai lidah buaya. Tapi, ternyata saya salah. Ternyata setelah saya konsul ke dokter, menggunakan lidah buaya langsung dari tumbuhannya itu justru tidak baik untuk kulit. Sejak saat itu dokter kulit saya menyarankan untuk menggunakan Vaseline Intsive Care Aloe Soothe for my best alternative. And yes, she's right! Vaseline ini cocok banget untuk aku yang kegiatannya super banyak tapi butuh lotion yang awet di kulit.

Cocoa Radiant.
Another of my favorite. Since I am a huge fan of Vanilla scent of perfume, rasanya lotion coklat ini cocok banget kalo dicampurin. Rasanya di badan manis banget. So, bukan hanya kelembapannya yang sangat tahan lama di kulit, wanginya pun tergolong awet di badan aku. Jika kamu menggunakan lotion ini di kulit, rasanya kulit akan terlihat lebih glowing dan eksotis. Lotion ini sangat kental, cocok untuk kamu yang punya banyak kegiatan di ruangan ber-AC, namun tidak disarankan jika kamu mau melakukan kegiatan yang mengeluarkan keringat berlebih mengingat lotion ini sangat pekat. sehingga kamu bisa kegerahan saking pekatnya di kulit.

Advanced Strength.
As it is written below, "Clinically proven to restore very dry skin in 5 days".
Aku baru coba pakai Vaseline varian yang ini sekitar beberapa hari lalu. Banyak yang merekomendasikan katanya, karena sedang berpuasa, tubuh butuh cairan yang lebih untuk menjaga kelembapan kulit. Aku memang tidak berpuasa, tapi rasanya lotion itu wajib dicoba since kulitku memang kering banget, apalagi kalau kena AC di kantor. Dan ya, lotion ini bener-bener menjaga kelembapan kulitku banget. Dengan micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, lotion ini seakan-akan menjadi paket lengkap bagi kamu yang memiliki kulit bersisik seperti aku. Sama dengan yang cocoa radiant, lotion ini pun sangat pekat bila dioleskan ke kulit. So far, this is my best buy for my dry skin anyways.

Jika diperhatikan, ada perbedaan kemasan di botol-botol Vaseline ini. Do you get what?
Yup! Vaseline sekarang memberikan gambaran seberapa lembap kah lotion dalam setiap botolnya. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari indikator kelembapaan di bagian bawa tampak depan dari botol ini. Jika kalian lihat, ada tulisah Light dan Rich di bawa gambar Vasline Jelly nya. Nah, indikator itu lah yang menunjukkan seberapak lembap kah lotion tersebut. Jika tandanya semakin mendekati kata Rich, it means it is proven enough to protect your skin.

So, which are your favorite variants, guys? :)

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Widest Smile.

 Wearing Navy Blue Dress from This is April and Fossil Rose Gold Watch

Widest smile!
Because holiday is coming! Weekend has been extended.
I am so excited!
Can't wait for another trip next week and next month!

Where will you spend this super long weekend, guys?

LoveMuach, Silvi.
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