Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tidestore for Your Cold Days.

Seasons are changing and now it's the season of cold stone. As I live in Indonesia, the seasons here are not that stable nowadays. It sometimes hot, so hot in the afternoon but when it turns to night, the wind blows so cold til your bones. So here are some outfits by Tidestore that  I think I should prepare for this situation..

First, low price leggings (HERE)! I am a person who doesn't really like to wear leggings actually. But as Tidestore has a very various and super comfy legging. I usually wear jeans for my daily outfit, but I'm currently in love with this fashionable thing, legging! And you don't have to worry because Tidestore offers its customer a lot of pattern of legging and it is so affordable!

Second thing is hoodie! You got it hard to find best hoodie for your windy days? Hoodie online (HERE) at tidestore is the answer! It offers various fashion hoodies for women and most of them are Korean style. They can be solid color, color block, or printed pattern. In addition, the best quality of the material will make your windy days become warmer and warmer.

The last one is, boots for women (HERE)! Boots are definitely must-have items for autumn and winter, especially when you want to both stay warm and be stylish. I am one of boots lovers, and I what I really love from Tidestore is, it offers a great range of women boots in various colors, design and materials. (FYI, materials are very important to pick if you want to buy boots. Believe me, material does matter, a lot!) And, here are my favorite boots for women from Tidestore..

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LoveMuach, Silvi.
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