Sunday, July 5, 2015

CocoMelody for Your Dress Melody.

Do you ever play a melody on your daily outfit? If you never do this before, let me introduce you CocoMelody! For over 15 years, CocoMelody has been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession. The founder Miranda used to be a freelance writer and traveler. During her trip, she made friends with many people of the same interest, such as dress designers, photographers, wedding planners, etc. And one day, she got to know by chance from a bride-to-be friend that what expenses people have to pay for wedding. Understanding the situation, she got an idea to serve all of the bride to be in whole over the world, in order to make them not to worry about her dream wedding dress and tight budget.

Starting the business a very nice goal and value, CocoMelody started to develop so fast. Like many world famous brands, CocoMeldoy has a distinctive combination of classic style with modern touch and a strong connection to leading fashion trends. Inspired by world fashion and top wedding shows, each and every dress is a meticulous design from heart by its designer tea, The dresses areta tailored by professional seamstress, including all embroidery elements. The fabrics and materials of high quality are imported worldwide, like silky satin from China, unique lace from France and fabrics rich in details from Italy.

If you guys love to play some melodies on your special occasion dresses, CocoMelody is the right place to get one. Do you get what I mean with playing melodies with your dresses?

I usually call "Themes" as "Melody" when it comes to outfit. Why? Because your outfit should flow nicely. Unlike the real melody that just caught by ears, outfit should be caught greatly by all of our body parts. Eyes, body, hands, ears (don't let people judge you by your outfit). So you must do good! For me, special occasion is the show time. You have to find a great melody for your dresses. So here are some cheap homecoming dresses from CocoMelody that I highly recommend for you guys!

You wanna look cute and fabulous with short dresses? Or you wanna look stunning with the sexy back? You can pick whatever you want from homecoming dresses 2015 by CocoMelody.

Happy shopping guys!

LoveMuach, Silvi.
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