Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Beauty of Black.

Cloth Inc Cullotes, Charles & Keith Wedges, Michael Kors Studded Watch, Red Sling Bag and Black t's from Local Store, New Look Necklace

Many people ask me how far I care about my skin face? What skincare products do I use? Are there any food restriction to make my face skin stay healthy? Well, here I share my little secret for you guys to keep your face healthy, moist, and bright. It is TT Mask! Timeless Truth (Kotemein International Biotechnology Co., Ltd) is a comprehensive solution for your skincare products. It has recruited beauty industry professionals both locally and internationally in order to make a perfect product for your skin. By utilising the cutting edge biotechnology, it has created various skincare products including facial, eye, nect, hand, foor, and breast masks, serums and capsules, especially the invention of the very first functionality facial sheet masks in the world.

For me personally, there are two of my favorite products form TT Mask, the one for my face, and supported by the eye skincare, like the pictures below. I really like this product because it is really soft and gentle for my sensitive face. It won't burn or even hurt my skin. The Eye Mask Bio Cellulose Bio-peptida is created to prevent the aging of your skin around your eyes, freeze the spread pattern of wrinkles in the eye area, add a variety of peptides, and maintain your skin elasticity. It is perfect for a girl like me who has big eye-bags. My other favorite would be Herbal Mask! It is really effective to repair your dry skin, remove wrinkles and make your skin ever moister. 

I am highly recommend you guys to wear these both products above since they really work on my face. Let's be confidence anytime you wear your outfit and make up!

LoveMuach, Silvi.


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