Friday, April 3, 2015

Prom Time!

How time flies so fast! It's April already, means it's just about 3 months away from Prom Time!! Glee is one of my inspiration for Prom actually. This serials taught me how to dress up gracefully based on your body shape and personality for your Prom Night. Not only for girls, I also can imagine how me and my partner would look great during the "show time" by mixing and matching our dress and suit. I did mix and match the my dress style, color, material. Everything should go well in balance. I gave my tips to some of friends, but they said, besides their body shape and personality, there is also one thing that matters most for most of the girls. It's our body size! So here are some of tips that I can recommend you for your prom dresses, especially long prom dresses by Cheap Dress UK.

1. Super Thin
If you are a type of super-thin-girl with long legs, long hands, but no boobs, the dress bellow will be very into you. The layer of the dress will make a volume on your body, and the shape of the bustier will make your boobs pushed. Moreover, what I love most about this dress is the detail of the sequin on the chest part so it will shift everyone's focus of your small boobs. It has a lot of other color, you can match it based on your personality. If you like it, please do click HERE.

2. Normal Size
If you have a normal size body with a bit good body shape, the dress below will be perfect for you. It will make you legs looks longer with the natural waist line. I recommend you to have a hair do, so your neck will show a little bit longer. And what I love most about this dress is the material itself, chiffon. It is soft and light, so it will make you so comfortable in moving your body. If you love it, look at HERE.

3. Big Size
I said, big sized, no worries. You are beautiful than any others have thought. And it will be even greater if you put a "confidence" to be your prom dress. The dress below will be suitable for you to encourage yourself to be confident, I guess. Who said big sized girl cannot wear a white dress? Who said big sized girl cannot wear a layer dress? Look at Mercedes from Glee Cast on the first picture, she wore a layer dress to her Prom and she looked so fantastic and fabulous. You just have to make sure that the dress fits you well and you feel comfortable when  you are wearing it. Cheap Dress UK provides its customer a lot of plus size prom dresses. Click HERE to see the dress detail.

So hopefully it can help you to find out which dress that suit you most! Cheers!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

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