Monday, March 30, 2015

White on White.

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Some people said, colors is a quality of light, a mode of light-vibration, defined as luminous radiant energy, and does not exist apart from light. For me personally, white is the only one color that suits me best, especially when I talk about energy. I feel this neutral color fits my personality lately best. Light, shining, bright. I am using less-colorful now. I am still a playful person, but on my other side, I am about to find my maturity and neutral color to balance my life. I believe white is the most classy one after black. It looks simple yet stunning on the same time. I can play another color on this basic color as my accessories, like what I did on those pictures above. Some said that white makes you fatter and shorter, and I believe so. However, I feel really confident in wearing this color, and confidence is the most essential and priceless thing that every woman should wear everyday. So whatever you wear, wear it with confidence! White on white will be perfect!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lacey Vintage Wedding Dress.

Some say, your wedding day will definitely be the best day ever. So it as to be your turn to choose what dress that you should wear on your big day! If you still have no idea the design and style that you want to choose, here are some tips for you who like lace and vintage wedding dress from Cheap Dress UK, if you want to buy wedding dress online.

1. One Shoulder Lacey Wedding Dress
Who doesn't love lacey dress? It really looks vintage yet sophisticated. One shoulder lacey wedding dress perhaps will be the loveliest one for you big day. With a long and big lacey embroidery and silver touch on your waist. Check HERE if you love it!

2. Tube Vintage Wedding Dress
It looks really simple yet chic. It fits for you who really love minimalism on your big day. Yes, I guess your wedding day is not always about how long your wedding dress is, or how many sequins you put on your wedding dress, but the beauty of  you will come out on this minimalism. I suggest you to wear this kind of wedding dress if you have a garden or outdoor wedding occasion. Click HERE to get one!

3. High Neck Cape Lacey Wedding Dress
With a touch of high neck cape, your wedding dress will look more gorgeous than ever. It give you a more-fierce look, because it shows your body shape (and yes please be sure that you have a good shaper to shape show your body curve). If you love it, check it HERE.

4. Spaghetti Straps with Lace Wedding Dress
Spaghetti straps will never die. I guess I believe so. The style lasts from time to time. And so, isn't it great to be your wedding dress style? The lacey embroidery touch will give your a vintage touch yet sophisticated look with the spaghetti strap itself. Moreover, it was made of satin. Silky and glamorous! Look HERE if you want it.

So, if you guys want to have a great wedding dress on your big day, the one and only big day that you have been waiting for, it will be a great tips for you! If you have no idea where you should buy these gorgeous dresses, do buy lace wedding dress online form Cheap Dress UK! You might get vintage wedding dress for sale on this website! Click click now! ;)

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Basic Transformation.

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For some reason, I dress up for black and black lately. I don't know why, but I think I am bout to change my personal style into more minimalist. I now go for black, white, and grey color. Basic colors. I used to be very colorful and cheerful in dressing up, but as the time goes by, I think I need to dress up more mature than before (yes since I am graduated already from university, I do dress up maturely). Putting on some basic make up more often than before, play less color in dressing up than before. I think it is nice to play with those basic colors, I call it a basic transformation of mine. Black is the new pink!

Anyways, any idea guys where should I buy these basic colors for my wardrobes?


Friday, March 20, 2015

Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses.

In 1980s, pastel color was a huge trend for men's fashion back then. Afterwards, women's fashion were highly inspired as well with those soft, near neutral, milky, washed and desaturated colors. And now, I am standing here in the beginning of 20th century, and I still believe that pastel colors will never die. I am lately loving pastel colors more than anything. I used to be a very strong and bold person in colors, but I am currently abandoning those colors and moving on to pastel again. It is not my first time crush for pastel colors by the way. I have been always loving these colors for too long.

Pastel colors match for every kind of dresses, and so bridesmaid dresses. However, sometimes it is hard to find a perfect bridesmaids dress, with the perfect design and color that we want. So here I give you the best solution ever. If you are currently looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses under $200 for your bridesmaids, especially if you are looking for pastel dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses from Weddingshe might be your best solution!

From left to right: (1), (2), (3), and (4)
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I am personally love those three dresses above. The lovely pastel colors and the design make the these dresses become more elegant and stunning. So what are you waiting for? Buy now  now! Before you miss it..

LoveMuach, Silvi

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sexy Red.

For all this time, I strongly believe that red is uber sexy. The true definition sexy in color is red, with no doubt. For the other, I also believe that prom night will be our "forever night" especially for girls. It is a night to remember that we, as high school student, will never ever forget it. So on that night you have to look very gorgeous and beautifully sexy. Smart sexy or sexy bitch or whatever, at least just for one night. That's why I highly recommend you to have red prom dresses, and it should be sexy dresses!

As for I am an internet savvy person, I do often surf on the internet to look for kind of "limited edition" dresses that I will rarely meet people wear around me. And for sexy red prom dresses, I highly recommend you guys to look for Wedding She web store. It is a reliable online purchasing channel that provides you numerous selections together with attractive pages of imports and it will definitely give you an enjoyable online shopping experience. If you are interested on buying sexy red prom dresses, it might be the best solution for you. Check these out, the most stunning and sexy prom dresses choices for you all.

The first gown might me suitable for you who want to look strong and bold. With the red long and wide dresses, it will give you a courage and sexiness more. The second one might be the most simple dress ever for your prom, but believe me the more simple, the more red dresses will seduce the audience. It shows your body curves. Everyone will be amazed with your look tonight! And for the last one, it is my most favorite one. No words can describe best, but this dress is just the best for me. Feeling so sexy with the see through fabric and touch of gold on your waist. Perfect! For more catalog please do click here

How about you? Which one do you love and suit most? Tell me!
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LoveMuach, Silvi.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Champ Elysees to be Popped Up!

After bringing Shibuya to Jakarta last year, this year Prasetya Mulya Business School brought us to the center of fashion and art, the famous Champ Elysees! With a lot of great senses of art touch, Pop Up Market 2015 which was held on Lotte Shopping Avenue was rock enough. Great fashion, foods, arts, beauty, and crowd. The idea to bring Indonesian local brand into a great market is unbeatable. I brought more than 50 local brand tenants along the event. Salute for Prasmul!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Friday, March 13, 2015

White Sky.

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I personally love nature since I believe nature gives human strength more than anything. Every human naturally loves nature, actually. Waking up early in the morning, so early, too early. Taking a bath at 4 a.m. and getting a ride to Stone Garden. It was a great place to meditate, to feel how God gives the wind and sun perfectly to accompany our swing mood. To finish what I started, to cherish every moment I have at the moment. I have been so melancholy lately. Pressure makes me. Blue sky might call me, it is hard, I know. But at some points, white sky will accompany you as well, to bring you to another level of life, and to brighten up your next days.

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fall Over Wedges in Love!

Well, it is not about fall over heels in love anymore, but it is about fall over WEDGES in love! Heels might be the most sophisticated shoes, but wedges are definitely more comfortable for you, especially women who have a lot outdoor activities like me. But hey, wedges are not always identical with casual and outdoor activities. Wedges are somehow more stunning than any kind of shoes, ever. You just need to find the best and perfect one for your feet.

Have you ever heard about Shoes Pie? It is one of leading online supplier of all kinds of shoes such ash fashion heels, dress sandals, comfort flat and casual boots. And the most important thing is, Shoe Pie always keep abreast with the latest trends in fashion and provide hundreds of dedicated products for global shoppers, including latest wedges heel collection. It has an elite team with professional skills and unlimited creativity in shoes making. Whether you are on the special occasions or in the daily life, its shoes can make you the focus of attention. And yes, I am really in love with this site. Here are some of my favorite cute wedges heels from Shoes Pie. (And yes, Shoes Pie is currently holding big sale! The wedges heels on sale right now!!)

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So let's grab your favorite wedges for your stunning feet and accompany you comfortably at!

Happy shopping guys!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Monday, March 9, 2015


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It was a Sunny Sunday. I was strolling down the neighborhood for once again, and I found this wall of fame, an art space.

LoveMuach, Silvi.
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