Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Year of Goat.

Wearing a midi red dress to celebrate this year's Chinese New Year. I never feel this sexy until I found this sexy back dress, lol. And anyways, so happy to finally welcoming the year of Goat. It is Chinese New Year 2566. I bet this is the most exciting moment for all of Chinese people in whole over the world. They spend their Lunar New Year holiday to travel and visit their relatives, as many as they can. Including me *well maybe I don't fully look like Chinese, but yes I have my Chinese blood from both my mother and father*

But anyways, I am so happy today to receive this red envelope. It is commonly known as ang-pao (Hong-Bao) in Indonesia. People said, if you get 3 goats this year, you will receive a good fortune. I got one, the "3 goats" are on my angpao. Wishing my journey ahead will be full of luck, happiness, health, and prosperity! And I do wish to you too guys! :)

Once again,
Happy Chinese New Year!
新年快乐. 恭禧发财.

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Statement on Your PromTimes UK Evening Dresses.

It's Valentine's day! Happy Valentine's day, readers! I hope you have wonderful night with your partner, your friends, or your families! Coincidently, this year's Valentine's day is on Saturday, it would be such a wonderful night, I guess. I did not go out for a date today, am not a kind of "celebrating-Valentine's Day" person. So what I ended up myself this night surfing on the internet for my perfect evening dress that I will wear for my graduation dinner with my family.

I am a person who loves detail so much. Evening dresses with unique details and great taste of ornament fit me best. I pastel colors, but I do love bold colors as well. Statement on evening dresses even makes your look more gorgeous. To fulfill my passion on details and statements, I think I find PromTimes UK suits me best. It has a lot of choices for evening dress with statements. Take a look of my favorite collection below.

From left to right (click the link below)

I love flowers and I love the detail on the first dress. The pop-up flowery touch makes the dress even become more classy. Short dresses is never wrong, especially when it is added with statements like the second dresses. It is all in one color tone so it makes the dress become more simple yet elegant. The third and fourth one are my most favorite. The sexy back with full of statements are my most wanted dress ever. Moreover, shoulder statements like the fourth dress are perfect! You can get these all collection from PromTimes UK now!

If you are a statement dress lover like me and you are about to look for the most happening Evening Dresses 2015, you might check the full catalog of PromTimes UK by clicking

Happy shopping guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Agreetoshop Dylan White Top, Stradivarius Black Skirt, Michael Kors Studded Watch, Marie Claire Heels and Tote Bag

I was strolling down my neighborhood again after passing my tough weeks in Bandung. Yup, like in my previous post stated, I am now a bachelor of political science. I am finally done with my uni life, and now it is my turn to pursue my career. But one and the other day I realized thing that, I have to leave my life in Bandung behind, including the well-days-spent with amazing people there. It feels like a nightmare; facing the reality that I am not a college student anymore, but I am a very soon to be woman career..

In a little deep thought I say,
"Cause I am a series of nightmare, dressed like a daydream.."

LoveMuach, Silvi.
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