Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Have a Little Merry Christmas with Ariel Impulse.

It's Christmas eve! Can't believe that 2015 is almost over, and we're now on the days that we always cherish together, Christmas! I always have my heart for Christmas. Christmas means so much for me. Spending my time all days long at home my beloved family and friends, having a Christmas eve dinner and Christmas day lunch, posing cutely in front of the camera with a deer band on my head, wrapping up some presents for the lovely one and getting some from the other. Everything is just nice and perfect to be done on Christmas day.

And by the way, talking about present, I always spend my time to buy my family Christmas presents. Look what I got for my dad! It's a perfume! Ariel Impulse by Sophie Paris. It is a new perfume collaboration between Ariel 'Noah' and Sophie Paris to reflect the real character of Ariel. Ariel's character as an energetic, creative and impulsive musician is represented by the aroma of fresh bergamot. A perfect combination of cadamom and complex wine symbolizes his wealth of ideas, personality, talent and friendship. While Ariel's masculine, quite, taciturn, and wise nature is represented by a combination of musk and amber scent.

What I was wondering when first I found this perfume is, my dad. He is just into this scent. His wise and calm character is just into Ariel. And the simplest thing is, I just fall over heels in love with this scent and I want to smell it everyday I see my dad. What I love the most about this perfume is actually the design of the bottle. The bottle covered with a magnet, just as magnetic as the smell is. Perfect!
I hope my dad will like it. I'm gonna give it to my dad tonight :)

How about you guys? Have you looked for your dad's Christmas present? Or even your boyfriend? Go get this perfume at Sophie Paris.

P.s.: Gonna post my last early Christmas lunch with my girls soon. Stay tuned!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

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