Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fine Wine at JJBuckley.

I am not a big fan of alcohol, but somehow I wine is all I need during the super cold night. I am not a type of girl who uses to drink alcohol a lot because I do not really like it, but for some occasion, this kind of drink is highly and well served so I cannot even refuse to drink it. Yes, I am definitely into wine, sometimes. Not beer, but wine. I do not know how to differentiate it, but I think wine is classier than beer (at least in my opinion). My dad uses to buy from some high-end restaurants in Jakarta to get the high class wine, but sometimes he also gets it from his colleagues from outside country (since Indonesia does not produce well-wine).

One day I served on the internet how wine works to your body and health. Some sources said that wine is good, but the other said too much wine will kill you. But then, after surfing on the internet for quite long, my dad even asked me to look for any online shop that sell various kind of high-class-wine internationally. And yes, I made it. I found JJ Buckley Fine Wines at www.jjbuckley.com.

JJ Buckley is a fine wine online shop which has inventory of over 6,000 fine wines at competitive prices. The collection comes from superb values to the old and rare one, so you do not need to worry about that variation of wine in here. JJ Buckley offers its customers an in depth range of wines from Rhone, Burgundy, Champagne, Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany, and New Zealand. Here are some products that JJ Buckley offers to you.

I have tried once Cade. I got it from my Dad and it is his most favorite one. But he said, he cannot find it anymore now in Jakarta. After I get him JJ Buckley, he just said, “Thank you my dear!” Moreover, the affordable prices that JJ Buckley offers to the customers make my dad even happier.

Happy wine-ing! But remember, “Drink, but don’t get drunk!”

LoveMuach, Silvi.

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