Saturday, July 26, 2014

MICHAEL Michael Kors Collection.

Who doesn't love MICHAEL Michael Kors collection? I scream a big YES for it. Its luxurious design and details just make me fall in love every time I see the collection. I said, Michael Kors is a genius! Born in a high-fashion city, New York City, he is real a fashion icon and probably yes, he is definitely successful with his own career to be a fashion designer. His high end collection is so exclusive and I believe for this kind of exclusive collection, the price is more affordable than any other famous fashion designer's collection. He is a genius, like I said. Thumbs up for every collection and runways he has made.

Source: The Forbes

Basically, all of its collections are my favorite. Shoes, purses, tops, bottoms. But what I most fall in love is, the bag collection. I ask, who doesn't love it? Every girl loves MICHAEL Michael Kors bag collection, I guess. As I live in Indonesia, it's somehow hard for me to find the latest collection of high fashion brand fast. The principle said that Indonesian tax is too high so they do not ship all of their collection to Indonesia. Hence, due to the high tax that has been set by Indonesian government, high fashion brand prices some times are not that affordable.

In fact, my favorite brand MICHAEL Michael Kors is actually has opened its store in Plaza Senayan since 2012 and it also sold in Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place. However, I do still prefer buying MICHAEL Michael Kors collection through online. One webstore that I trust most for high fashion brand is Not only Michael Kors, hundreds of famous fashion designers' collection await to be bought by me. It always put the latest collection of each designers, and what I love most about is, it ships for FREE to worldwide.

I am currently having  a major wish to buy MICHAEL Michael Kors collection through But I still can't decide yet what thing should I buy because basically I love all of these. Could please help me to vote what thing should I buy from shopbop?

(Left-Right, from Top to bottom)
Click HERE to see the collection of MICHAEL Michael Kors more

Comment right away which one you think suit best for me!

Moreover, to see other collection, tap HERE. There are like more than 400 fashion designers' collection that you can pick! Happy shopping at guys!
Have a wonderful weekend!

LoveMuach, Silvi.


  1. love that shoes and sling bag !!


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