Saturday, April 23, 2011

Would You Please?

Hello guys! It's been really long time not to have any post in my blog. My bad, I know that! Well I can't deny that the national exams really made me stuck in the lowest point of mine. I was stuck, really felt that I couldn't anything. However, I try moving on in order to enjoy my holidayssss! Yipeeeee :)
Just wish me the very best&luck for the result guys!

Anyways, remember about a friend of mine named Ditha? Well, we joined Clean&Clear Bestfriend Competition which is held in Internet world. Would you please help me to vote?

Just click HERE to vote.
What you have to do for the very first time is, give your thumb (Like) the fan page of Clean & Clean Indonesia, then open the link that I've given before.
Thank you guys!!!

P.s: The fashion post of mine is going to publish soon, just wait and see :)

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Middlename.

Zara Basic Brown Pants, Moskau Pink Long Sleeves, Ocean Pacific Canvas Bag, Pink Sandal from Local Store in Bandung.

I believe that you're gonna often see me stuck in long sleeves. I don't know why, it's probably because I find myself really comfy with long sleeves.
Pink..... is my current middle name :)

LoveMuach, Silvi

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Biker's Tone.

Well, I probably do not need to tell you again about the reason why I am being a very anti-social person lately. You guys all certainly have known that I am swamped with the school and final exams thingy, and I definitely do not have any spare time. How poor I am!
Due to the hectic time that I have, I certainly do not have any time to dress up as gorgeous as usual. Everything on me is just messing up, I do not know why.
However, being a biker lately makes me dress up a bit.... boyish? Or you call it cool, like my favorite word lol.

And so, here is the biker's tone. Everything is browny!!
A mild Brown Plain T's, Ocean Pacific Brown Bag & Cap, Converse Brown Army Shoes, Contempo Skinny Jeans, Casio Watch.

The thing that is not gonna change is...... I am gonna miss my classmates so bad :( I have spent my entire 3 years with them and I think they are too precious to be changed. And I am gonna miss my enrichment moments in school becuase it is just 1 enrichment left. No school for Saturday anymore (well actually I have a-school-day-off on Saturday, but because I am the twelveth grader now, I need to have a national examination preparation so that I should have enrichment on Saturday. Poor me)

Anyways, being an anti-social person in fact does not make me become so so last year. At least I still do some refreshments such as movies! I have watched some movies that's released recently and here is the list of the three top&recommended movies based on my personal opinion.

From Prada to Nada is such a gorgeous movie. I love Camilla Belle, everything on her in that movie is just so great. I remember how sexy Wilmer Valderrama :3 And since this movie is based on the story of "Sense and Sensibility", one old movie that I really love too, so I am in love with this movie as well.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is the second Thai movie that stole my heart after Hello Stranger. Oh yeah, you must have known about this movie, right? You also have known about the handsome and super beautiful casts, haven't you? :) And without reducing the essence of this movie, the plot of this movie is so me :(

Last but not the least, is Drive Angry. I just can give 2 thumbs up for this movie. What a great actor, Nicholas Cage is! And what a gorgeous&sexy actress, Amber Heard is!
Interested to watch those movies? :)

P.s : I'm gonna have my national final exams for about...... 2 weeks from now. Hopefully you all guys wish me luck. That's a kind of you.

LoveMuach, Silvi.
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