Saturday, May 14, 2011

You Don't Know Me?

I probably never officially introduce myself as the author of this blog. Well sometimes people know my blog, Crunchy Cheese Me but hell yeah they don't even know my name! But it's just fine for me as long as my blog can be accepted as a readable lifestyle slash personal life blog :)

Thus, I just wanna let you guys know the real me...
In accordance of my birth certificate, my name is Eva Silviana. Tan is my clan, so I sometimes write my name as Eva Silviana Tan. You can call me both Eva or Silvi for short.
I am the youngest in my family. I was born in Jakarta, 20th of May 1993 and so..... I'll reach 18 in the nest some days.
I am majoring science in one of Christian Private High School in my current city, and I'll continue my study in one of Catholic University in Bandung, West of Java, Indonesia - going to Political Science Faculty, majoring International Relation.


Since I've told you that Tan is my clan, so yeah I'm purely having chinese descent. Well I didn't originally come from China actually, but the Chinese descent in my family quite strong, though some of my fellows don't recognize it before because I don't have slanted eyes - my eyes&nose more about the Arabian one LOL. Besides, I do have the Javanese descent as well. It's kinda common mixture. However, I am proud to be Indonesian above all.

About the authorship of this blog, Crunchy Cheese Me.... I took that name randomly. There's no meaning behind the name..... It's just due to my passion of cheese! Cheese is great!
And about the content itself, some of you probably call it as a fashion blog but I guess I don't because sometimes I write about my personal life as well so I think it is more about LifeStyle blog.... maybe? It's all about your own perception dude! :)

However, my blog has been taken to some public print&electronic medias. You may check it from the left bar of my blog for the print medias, and the latest is from Smashion Lounge.
I told you, it was amazing.
I've never imagined before that my blog will be this "good" untill some of medias relink me to be the feature of their articles. Thank you anyways for the chances, dearest medias!

Appearance for some women is the most essential things in life. It was mine, but I don't think so it is now. Since my job as a basketball atlet and lifestyle blogger go hand in hand (I know it really contrasts), I can't deny that appearance becomes really taboo in life because though I dress up as pretty as I can, it'll be damaged soon because I practice basketball too much. Yaaaaah... that's life. Balancing between the "rock and soil". And the most important is, I just really enjoy my current life :)
I gain ton of things from activities that I do lately. It's absolutely uncountable.... Getting along so well with some neww friends, making some new connections, trying finding the "Mr. Right"...... I can't even describe how happy I am to be the person who do such these fun activities, so that no one can forbid me to do these things.... No one.

Because I am independent.

Get it, huh?
WarmKisses, Silvi.


  1. silviiiii i think we're much alike. yeah me too i think my blog is kind of personal/lifestyle blog and yesss you do basketball, i do my volleyball thingy :D
    anw, are you going to study at unpar? anw we should meet up this september? i'm going to join the volleyball competition at unpar :D

  2. I love your leather jacket and the pattern of your top! Fabulous look girl!


  3. What a personal post! I would never have guessed that you are of pure Chinese descent. You definitely look mixed.

    What type of science are you studying?


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