Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing heart like this.

I might be look fatter and darker after this journey.
But my life will never be the different if i didn't go to Semarang.

So like i've said before. I went to Semarang to join POPWIL IV in Semarang, Central of Java, Indonesia.
I'm representating my province, Banten as well.


Banten vs. Bali
-I do had a crush on someone when I was in Semarang hehe-

A short trip to Semarang around.

First destination : Lawang Sewu.

And here are some snapshots of the end of my journey in Semarang. We were at Bandara Ahmad Yani, Semarang.


Gavi, Annisa, Anin, Me.

Well if you ask me about the result, unluckily Banten didn't win at all for the Basketball. I admit that our rivals are much better than us, they are Central of Java, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Central of Kalimantan, South of Kalimantan, and Bali.
But the experience that i got from this event was.....Great. Almost perfect.
How to play better, how to take decision, how to make a new socialization in a new community, how to deal with the other people who come from the different province with us.
I learn how to live independently without the comfort zone around me.

Thank you for another great moment guys.
Anindya Sekarningrum, my captain, my gossipmate, my bedmate, my blanketmate, my rollingmate, my everythingmate, my soulmate. Miss the time with you nine!
Gavrilla Iranny, my second captain, my gossipmate, my showermate, she's my everythingmate too.
Annisa Widyarni, my gossipmate, i will never ever forget "cinta satu malam" with her hehe.
Meidy Hillary, my favorite player ever. Don't know why she's really fascinating on the court.
Gladys Marcella, my best big man ever and my iphone rental hehe. Thanks for the rent, your iphoe such a nice entertaintment for us.
Melisa Dwi Syaputri a.K.a Meni, my bully target lol.
Kirana Miolo, my rollingmate, my bedmate, she's another the bully target of mine lol.
Mutiara, my coach's bully target hehe. Never forget her Sundanese accent in spoken.
Monica Clara, my foolmate, everything we did there just for laughing ;)
Not to forget for the boy team.
Rizky, Adit, Afif, Putra, Chandra, Labong, Vanbas, Hendra, Dean, Kevin.
You were also coloring my day in Semarang.

And the last but not the least, for my honor coach and officials.
Coach Eben, Coach Amrull, and Coach Lulu.
Coach Iwan, Coach Bj, and Coach Aceng.

Special thanks to Jessica, Teresa, and Ranny for supporting Banten :)



  1. But in the photos, seems you are great player too :)

  2. ayoo kita putar balik waktu!!aku kangen..

  3. i'm on my very first visit to your blog and loving it
    following you now!

    check out my blog too if u have time

    ps we have the same name!

  4. ci silvi sibuk basket yaa?
    sukses gak ci? hehehe
    miss your outfit post :P

    .a little princess.

  5. Goodluck with your basketball thingy! nice post :)

  6. great shots silvi !
    its great to see do soooo well in ur sports performance ! :)
    i guess that's a good way to "barter" the tan you're getting .. ahhaha

    thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

  7. you're so active yah sil.. hahaha cute photos anyway


  8. Seems so much fun ! You must be really good in basket ball :)

  9. silvii..baru liat deh kamu main basket..hehe..
    gpp ga menang..yang penting kan pengalamannya ;)

    next time will be better :)


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