Sunday, June 20, 2010

A walk to remember

Hello Blogworld (!!!)
Kinda missing you after 6 days without any internet connection.
Yep, i've just got back from Cilegon - where POPDA Banten V took place.
Like what i've said before, i became one of the girl basketball team member for Tangerang Selatan, my hometown. My team, the girls and boys, have prepared for the competition for about more than a month. We practiced almost 5 hours in a day and we did it almost everyday.
You can imagine how tired it is, can't you?

But like what a quote said, "The more you practice, the more you will get a chance to reach the best result".
And that's what i got.
I got Gold Medal :)
It was the first gold medal from girl basketball team for Tangerang Selatan - since Tangerang Selatan is a new town in Banten.
Perhaps one medal is not enough, cause luckily Tangerang Selatan's boy basketball team also got Bronze Medal. You know what, it was amazing!
My new Nike basketball shoes brought a great luck, i guess :)
I never stop being thankful to my Jesus Christ who had blessed my team in our entire journey in Cilegon.

Here are some sweet memories that i'll never ever forget.
Boys (Left to Right) : Gama, Meyvin, Ipang, Daniel, Aldy, Kiky, Kevin, Levin, Ari, Gary.
Girls (Left to Right) : Silvi, Meidy, Annisa, Clerica, Monic, Melisa, Gavi, Eugenia, Gladys, Diah.

Some houselife snapshots.
The gossipers : Me, Gavi, Annisa, Errin, Ayunda - minus Clerica.

Thank you for the super great memories, fellas!
I won't forget this gold & bronze journey.
Coach Eben, Coach Samuel, Coach Echa.
Errin and Ayunda as my official slash gossipers member slash Tangsel Generation Dancer.
Morris and Didi as my official & property provider.
Annisa as my captain slash gossipers member.
Gavi as my bed and bath's mate slash gossiper member.
Meidy as my second captain.
Clerica as my laugh mate slash gossipers member.
Gladys and Diah as my big man.
Melisa as my play maker slash "fouling" teacher.
Eugenia and Monic as my pointer.

Ipang a.K.a Ariel as my washing clothes mate slash capsaers slash curhaters.
Levin as my drying clothes mate slash bully mate slash capsaers slash curhaters.
Daniel as my second drying mate slash capsaers slash curhaters.
Gary and Ari as the boy's team captain. "Kapten cuy..."
Kiky as my massage customer slash the capsaers slash curhaters.
Kevin as my super eat reminder slash my protector slash capsaers slash curhaters.
Gama and Meyvin as the capsaers slash curhaters.

With Kevin :)

Gossipers, Curhaters, Capsaers.
I won't forget you all cause this is a walk to remember. Miss you all already guys.
Good bye SMAN 2 KS, Good bye Al-azhar Cilegon, Good bye Palm Hills(!!!)
We're gonna miss you so badly!
"Tangsel hooo Tangsel hooo Tangsel Jaya!"

Kiss and Hug, Silvi.

P.s : I don't care about my face expression, about my over-tanning skin, i just care about the victory x) To be the winner has its own pride.


  1. wawwwww congrats ya kaaak!

    i have a new post please feel free to comment thanksss

  2. waoouw... congratz for the achievement!! ^^
    i used to play basketball & joined a team too when i was in junior high.. but then i stopped playing since i was in highschool.. :)
    but surely i still can imagine bout those tiring days u had been through.. but its worth though, wasn't it? ^^


  3. Dear, Silvi =)

    Hello Silvi! Nice to meet you, hope we gonna be a great friends ^_^

    Your blog was so cool! Especially your post and your outfit so inspiring me.. Nice nice! hahaha

    Any way, already follow your blog! ;) i'm the 118! Please follow my blog IF YOU LIKE IT =)

    Oh yeah, already link your blog on my left side bar 'Fashion Heroes' on my blog. Wanna exchange link? Please.. please.. hahaha no i'm just kidding! ;p

    XOXO and have a nice day!

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  5. congrats! with a 5-hour practice everyday you really deserve it!

  6. congrats ya for winning the gold medal :))
    nice photos!! seems you had great fun
    i'm in the basketball team too but i'm still practising to be a good player. hha
    check out my latest post ya


  7. Wow! congratulation on the gold medal, Silvi! yes,, you guys are so great! hehehe.. =)

  8. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.
    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    Love, Cindy.

  9. congrats for winning, ci! the houselife pictures are so funny haha :D

    Castor Pollux

  10. hahaha km lucu banget sih over-tanning .. dont worry you look awesome with your smile :) :)
    congrats for the medals ! and congrats for the whole team too !

  11. Wow.. Baru tau ada fashion blogger yg atlet basket jg! It's such a 2 different world but you mixed it perfectly! :D Congrats for the gold medal anyway!


  12. wow congratulations, silvi!
    happy that you won the gold medal
    that's a really great achievement
    all the best for the future competitions
    you make me missing my old school days playing basketball with my friends haha


  13. congratulations for winning the gold medal! that was my cousin's Senior high school,my parent living in Serang but my current town is Depok . (lho ini kenapa gue jadi curhat begini hahaha )

  14. @Fitri: Oh really??! What a coincidence then :) Cilegon taught me many things about life. Miss cilegon so badly -__-

  15. So you got the gold medals? Really glad to hear that :)


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