Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm alive.

Hello hello guys!
A shy hello from me for you, kisses too lol.
I know that i'm being a very bad blogger lately.
Yeah, no post, no news. Sorry for that.

Well honestly i don't really feel so good lately, i'm about sick.
Freakingly sorethroat ---> which is taking my voice away. I hate being the sorethroat girl :(
Fever, my head aches all the time and i should endure all of these sucks by myself. Just with some medcines, honey, vitamin bla bla bla. Errrrgh -,-

Anyways, i bring a very good news actually hihi.
I'm officially in a relationship with my classmate now. Never thought before that i can fall head over heels with him
He's effing smart, going to be smarter than me, i guess. He has a superkilling smile, just like the "wonder drug" for me. And that's why, i quite feel tough enough when i found myself felt like dying within these illlness. He's a half my strength now, he supports me a lot.
Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than i had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because i'm sick. To help me through all this. You're my angel. - a walk to remember.

Seems like my lovelife goes pretty smooth, fun. But no with my schoollife, it definitely sucks me a lot. I have dozens of assignments to do. I'm going to face my final exam soon, i need to be prepared but my teachers always add another assignments each day. I loathe it.
Fortunately one of my teacher, english teacher, gave me a final project of the 11th grader. And i need to make a commercial! Yeay, feel so happy!
So here are some picts, behind the scene as usual lol.
P.s : I've just remembered that i haven't put my video clip on my blog. Sorry guys, it's been a long time enough but i'm such a lazy to upload it on youtube :( Takes long time.


*oh no, he's not the guy that i belong to hehe

Oh yeah no, it's not the fashion thingy post. This is about my daily routine hehe.
Do you miss my post?
P.s 2: Don't ask me about my weight, cause yeah i'll expalain it to you all guys. I'm gaining about 3kilos. That's much, too much i think haha. But sooner or later, i will lose my weight again. I have lost about 1 kilo because this illness actually huhu.

LoveMuach, Silvi.


  1. aww you look cutee :)
    btw is it in serpong?

  2. awwww so cute! you look healthy, dear <3
    i hope everything will be better for you, too.
    anyway i love yellow on you, sunshine =D

  3. nope, but i'll spend my highscool years in serpong :)
    btw mind to exchange links? heheh

  4. eva..lucu bgt sih muka lo,ngegemesin..hahaha :P

  5. you look awesome in yellow silvi !
    i loved reading your post in relation to your personal life :)

  6. cute dress,, congrats on your new relationship dear, how it will works out in a sweet way :)..btw is it around our house?

  7. You look pretty and cute .

    Hope you have a nice day

  8. Silvi... you're so cute!!
    bagus deh dengan dress kuning, kuncir dua gitu, n your bright smile. nice to see you again. =)

  9. omg. you're really cute with the yellow dress.
    love ur pics~

  10. wowoww lucu bgt sil! lu bagus pake kuning apalagi dikuncir 2 gt gila summer bgt deh gayanya hahahaah. rmbt gw itu pendek skrg tp dulu kan pnjg dan skrg gw kdg klo lg mood suka pke wig hahahahha

  11. congrats for your new relationship sil :)
    nice photos, you looks fresh here.
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  12. ur so cute sil, hihihi..
    ehh congrats yeaa :p
    itu serpong bgt deh sil,hehehehe..

  13. cute! usually, i don't like yellow, but i think you're so awesome on that! :)

  14. Hey, ini fotonya dimana ya? keren juga.. klo blh tau.. utk year book adekku.. :)

  15. Thanks a lot guys for the sweet comments, i really appreciate it :))

    @Anonymous : It's located in BSD, Tangerang Selatan. In Vermont Residence to be exact, it's in front of Teras Kota, near Auto 2000 BSD. Hope you find the place :)

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  17. wah congrats ci, cie hehe
    looks really cute in that dress!

    Castor Pollux

  18. hihi lucu bgt sih mukamu eva..cute bgt :) btw, pacar barumu yg mana? lg bau2 asmara nih kayaknya..hihi :)
    btw, you look great in that yellow dress dear..

  19. gorgeous photos! you look so lovely :)nice shoes btw :)

  20. These are some fun photos!! I love yellow!

    And I do hope you'll get better with your health !!


  21. love those yellow dress on you :)

  22. congratulatoins for being in a relationship silvi!
    i cant wait to see the video!
    you look so cute
    hope you get well soon dear

    have a great weekend!
    join my giveaway if you havent :) 1205 giveaway

  23. congrats on your new love life :)
    you look adorable in yellow!

    eclectic du jour

  24. fuuuun! And you look really cute, dear.. <3

    The Picnic Girl


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