Saturday, February 20, 2010

When gastric pain attacks me

Unbranded tanktop from Tanah abang, cotton ink krey shawl, Custom made ankle boots, Unbranded tights, Old navy denim jacket, Necklace and bracelets from somewhere in Bandung and Bali.

So do i really miss so much things from the blog world?
Aha i guess so.
I've been so so ugly lately.
I'm effing sick, fever and gastric pain attack me.
A lot, and maybe too much.

And yup, you may take a look of my new baby yellow toy camera. I got it from my ex. And i still don't have any idea why he gave me this, we've officially broken up but he kindly gave me this thing. It's cool.

The only thing that can make me be happy is, i will have a meet up, maybe just the short one with 3 bloggers in Jogja. Yup, i'm going to Jogja next Monday, for the live in activity. I will do the meet up with Kak Marla of Versicle., Kak Devi of Sunflares Plethora, and Kak Phian of phie emotion.
Really can't wait to meet you all guys =D

P.s : Percy Jackson's cool! Just watched it with my boyfriends =D Thanks nando billy meyvin derry and yeye for making my day. You guys really boosted my mood today!


  1. i like the cottonink krey shawl, it amazed me how we can wear it in lots of different ways :)
    and you look great
    check and comment my latest post on Tysha Lukman's Mannequin

  2. adorable :)
    it's a cute camera. hehe
    anw, wht camera do u usually use?

  3. love ur cotton ink so much !! im a big fans of cotton ink. anyway do u come to bsm on pp ? (:
    oh n i love those custom made shoes.
    ahhh envy u, u can meet thika from the versicle =P

  4. i love the look.esp the shawl and the shoes. =))
    your mom will definitely not regret by letting you buying this shawl online.
    Have a safe trip to Jogja dear.

  5. i love the whole outfit! i love the ankle boots so much esp. and octopusss! me want me want, i want panorama camera too!

  6. i love love love how you wrapped the shawl.. it sorta functions as a cool outerwear.. :)
    woootttt u're gonna meet those fab bloggers in yogya? so unfair, i tell you. i wanna go meet 'em too! anyway, hv fun while you;re there.. and i think it's very cool of your ex-boyfie to give u that.. :)


  7. the krey is sooo wow kak! i love it soooooo muaaaacccch!

  8. love the way you wore that cotton ink shawl!!
    and you don't look ugly at look pretty as alwas ;)..hope you were getting well now..

    anw,her name is Thika, not Marla :p..salam yaaa buat mereka bertigaa..really want to meet them too :D..envy youuu..

  9. Cute outfit ! I love the blue :)

  10. I love your outfit..hope you feel better.

  11. gws sil.. hehe.
    the shawl is cool. i love cotton ink..

  12. cool outfit, i love your style :)
    ka, i link you, link me back ya ka :) thanks . XOXO

  13. kameranya lucu bgtt itu kamera beneran kan? bisa dipake bwt foto2 efeknya kyk lomo gt ga? you look gorgeous as always sil! love the cotton ink shawl

  14. hello, you look so pretty with that blue ribbon headband ! <3 i love how you wrapped that shawl, ubber cool, and not to forget that cute yellow camera. is it something like lomo/holga?

    thanks a lot for your warm comment, and yes, i'm an indonesian (: but currenty i'm staying and studying in singapore.

  15. i like toy cam!
    they're so cute! itu lomo ?

  16. love the way u wear the krey :)

  17. aduuuu ngiri deh bs ktemu clara + phian ! i wanna meet them too ..
    btw . itu i just realized its a cotton ink krey scarf . ahahaha.. tp you wore it keren bangett !

    ps . im hosting a jewelry giveaway sil ! hope you'll join yah :D

    many thanks for the sweet comments .
    visit - follow - comment me

  18. i have the same cam too! just bought it. but i haven't try it. hehe..

  19. aww, love the camera kak and u look great too!!
    I love the way u wore the cotton in scarf :D

  20. Yummy boots! Custom made? Did you design them? :)

    You may feel sick but you look great! :)

    Much admiration from India :)

  21. that colour works so well on you!


  22. cute outfit, sweetie! i hope we'll get another chance to meet up soon. and yeah, fika is rite about my name. but it's friends only. don't tell anyone. hahaha.

  23. Lovely look ! I want your jacket and especially Boots Shoes .Thanks for sharing collection.
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