Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is what i need to write, the end of story, my story, our story. The story of a cup of coffee and milk. This is my present, present for guilty and pleasure. Sadness and happiness. This is your present for me, the worst gift ever.
"I'm officialy missing you"
It crosses on my mind, everytime i see you, real or imagination. Now i'm really missing you. I swear i never felt this feeling before. I miss you, i miss your smile your hugs your smell, everything on you is just like my own-brand of heroin. I miss it.
I hate when i can't see you, can't see your smile. I hate that.

I thought we're solid. And proably yes, we are, as solid as a rock. Stubborn growing-up-boy. And in fact, me too. The way you say isn't the same with the way you act. Talk much, do less. You keep promising me on earth, but you don't do it any. You're flying away in heaven, stucking on your reverie, but hello, you are on earth dude.
So now, my cup isn't full anyomore. Also my heart, it isnt filled by my love to you anymore. I'm sick to death of this relationship. It's hard. Really hard. But this is true, i can't get along with you well anymore. I just can't. Too much wreckage on my heart.

So this is the end of our story. The end of my long journey with my guy, Recky. You are the coffee and i am the milk. Almost every types of coffee and milk are mingled perfectly, taste so great. But we are not that type, i guess.
and yup, finally i realize that it's just not about the time. How long you have been in a relationship with someone is not a big deal to ensure you'll be happy with him/her forever.
But how much you love and sacrifice yourself for him/her is the most important thing one.

I'll keep you, beyond my mind forever.


  1. Sad to read this...Hope everything turns out alright...


  2. very sad.. T-T
    sabar yaah!
    keep smile! ^_^

  3. break up is not easy. but the important thing is stay strong, princess!

  4. time will heal.. if it's meant to be, it'll get back to you :)) cheer up, gorgeous.

  5. time heals eva.
    i'm here-wherever you called me, i'll go there
    love you darling

  6. just take a moment of sad, let it be out and live again. Have a life fully-lived. as life goes on, you'll meet someone else, it keeps going like that until you find your glass.

    you are milk who needs glass so you could be useful for the world you live on.


  7. aww silvi.. so sad to read this
    cheer up ya :)
    but.. if he's really destined for you, sooner or later you guys will be back again
    hope for the best for you


  8. Oh Dear sorry I didnt notice this post before...
    I could relate to what you feel, since I also had a break-up not so long before. You'll be just fine... I have you on my thoughts. Remember you're never be alone :)


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