Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wondering if i am

Hello there! It's been a while from my previous post. Like what i've said before, i got really so much to do. Basketball practice almost everyday, homeworks everyday. Grrrrr -,- This is what i said vivacious circle, the works never end.

I was wondering what about my age, going older and older each year. I'm 17 on the next may, feel so old but i'm not mature yet -,-
I attended my bestfriend's 17th birthday party last Thursday. Just had a fancy dinner with her big family. Happy birthday Katherine Emily! Wishing you all the best, all the time. God bless you darling!

Here is my bestfriend, katien. She's officially 17 now. She's one of my bestfriend, my shoulder to lean on, shoulder to cry on, shoulder of everything. Happiness and sadness, shares and conflicts. Everything is on us. We just can't be apart.

Here are some clicks of my camera. Haven't got the pictures from nando's camera yet -,-
The birthday dad, Om James and the birthday girl, Katien.

WHAT I WORE : my mom's green vest, unbranded black tanktop, DIY side cutout legging, Yongkikomaladi studded black flat shoes, Bottega veneta black sling bag, Random bracelets.

Getting full of duties lately. I've just got home from Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) to do my art assignment and GOR Tangerang to attend the opening of DBL competition. It's a very long journey, like a journey from East to West. Really. I swear.
I'll do the post as soon as possible.
Catch you soon dear readers!


  1. I love the vest. Got one too, and it's mom's too hahahah I'll post it later. Are you studying at OL sil? where is your house? because I live near OL, i'm in THE GREEN :)

  2. love the DIY leggings
    edgy and chic :)


  3. @Anastasya : Yup, i live in Kencana loka kak. Kapan2 main bareng yook hahaha. Eh kak, rabu besok aku mau tanding di GOR tangerang, mau nonton ga? hehhe. btw, thanks ya for the comment ;)

    @S : Thanks a lot dear :)

  4. wow, ur cutout legging look fantabulous :)

  5. samaaaaa. i've got like no time for updating the blog :(
    hahaha u've got basketball practice, and i've got volleyball. hahaha

  6. Yup, i hate being in a hectic like this :(

  7. love your bangles and still, your DIY leggings :)


  8. You look fresh and happy. Love your legging! Those details on the side make them very unique.

    B* a la Moda

  9. awwww these pictures are all so adorable, i love celebrating birthdays (especially with delicious food). this is such a great, simple outfit. the leggings really spice it up :D

  10. Hy there! Your outfit really pops out at the party! I wan to get or to make myself a pair like those leggings very soon! I saw them at Glisters and Blisters also and they're great!

    Have a fun weekend!


  11. such a great vest! love the color! <3
    thanks for the lovely comment, dear. i've linked you, btw =]

  12. ahh keren leggingsnyaaa.
    pengen bikin pasti kacau balau


    .a little princess.

  13. Oh yeah, thanks girls for dropping by on my blog :) Will reply it soon :)

  14. hehehe.
    u hv the mickey mouse headband too, right?
    *on your blog header photo* hehe

  15. nice edit until i realize that's real
    hahahaha :p

  16. silvi,totally luv u're diy legging..
    gud luck y bwt pertndngn basket na :)

  17. hi dear..
    thnk you so much for your comment on my blog,,
    tp ga tw np.. bis dkonfirm kq ga muncul ya...

    tp aq s4 bc stgh gt dr km.. will you come to Jogja next month dear?
    just follow my twitter account to continue our talk,, <3 <3

    anyway,,great party dear!
    great for your legging too,, :)

  18. i have award for you, visit my blog :)

  19. silviiiii you look so stunning seriously
    love love love ur picta
    we have the same theme of post :p
    hihihiw :)

    love the color of ur tops

    smooches from
    strawberry and banana pancake

  20. heyyy kita belom collaboration post pake ini legging !! kapan dong eva ?
    i havent seen u tweet for quite a while !

    many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
    keep bloggin XD
    xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  21. iya nih chelle kapan ya collaborationnya? ntar aja ya pas meet up? apa kapan terserah deh hehe. Hmm yep, am so busy lately, cant tweet too much :(


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