Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is what i called sacrifice

As the title written, this is my sacrifice. Took the public transportation a.K.a Agra Mas bus to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), had a walk about a half kilometers to reach the place under the super sunshine, then again turned the TMII around by feet. Errrrgh this is what i called sacrifice, sacrifice for my Art Assignment!

Now What
T-shirt, Cool Teen skinny jeans, Belle brown sneakers, Converse black bag, Random braid bracelets.
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This is what i had to observe, Jawa Tengah Architecture.
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The Catholic Church at TMII, Santa Catharina.

Actually i really had a nice trip in TMII, it's because i went there with some of my classmates. We did a lot of fun there honestly, but seriously our fun was covered by the negative sides. I'm turning into black now. My face is like burning in the the hell, something red on my cheek and a bit black. I hated the way sun shone the earth at that time :(

Anyways, forgetting about the TMII terrible story. I really have a good news for me and wish you too guys. My boy's team won the first game on DBL Banten series this afternoon. The matched against SMAN 1 Cilegon, and unbelievable they all played so nice!
Good job boys! Nice teamwork.
Tomorrow they will have another game against SMA Setia Bhakti, hope they can do their best.

And now, this is my turn to be worried. I'll have the game next Wednesday against SMAN 1 Cilegon too. They really have good individual skills. Hope i can do my best. Wish me luck guys, this is so important for me and my team.

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The girls. The supporting team.
Icha, Gavi, Dona, Ellen, Inge, Jovia and Me.

P.s : I got some awards from the other bloggers. Will post it as soon as possible ya guys. Thanks for giving me the awards :))

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. Good luck on the game!
    I like that you're smiling in all the pictures!

    have a fun day!


  2. I wish you all the luck on your boyfriend's next game, and yours as well. Break a leg, dear :D

  3. its been a long time since my last visit to tmii. btw, aku kasih kamu award di post terakhir :)

  4. i love this casual outfit. that converse bag is pretty awesome :)
    good luck to you and your team for your game next wednesday! kick some ass! :D

  5. I like this casual look ! Your shoes look so cute

  6. haluuu sayang, heheh, aku kan santai, kdg2 aj ngepost. how are youu??

  7. aodrable, your jeans are soo cute
    great fit!

  8. Thanks a lot for your best wishes girls. And thanks for the compliments too, really honor it. Thanks a lot, smooch.

  9. wew,,looks like you have the great time with all of your friends yap.. :)

    just visit my blog, i give you something dear..

    and btw,,hardly cann't wait to meet you on the next month in Jogja,, <3

  10. kamu ngapain ke TMII?? harusnya kamu mampir kermh aq siil!! hehe
    krn rumahku itu dekeeeeeet bgt dr tmii..hahaha

    kamu apa kabar??kangeen iih..hihi

  11. Good luck, Silvi! =D
    Anyway just take the good side of the trip... I think the pictures in TMII are great. And love your casual style. ^^

  12. Hello kak silvi!

    It's nice to meet you!
    Hope we gonna a great friends..!

    OH WOW! your blog is awesomeness..! HAHAHA

    With love,


  13. You are super cute even when you're angry!

  14. Yaaay thanks a lot guys for the sweet comments :)

  15. Great blog! :)
    Love all your outfits.
    Adding you to my blogroll. :D


  16. nice casual look!
    good luck for your bf on the game =D

  17. sacrifice for a great work of art !
    i wonder what ur artwork will end up like eva :D
    i love ur oxford shoes dear !

    i miss your blog !
    many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
    keep bloggin XD
    xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  18. Yeay thanks a lot michelle :)) Miss you too!

  19. u're casual style so cool..
    n good luck to u're bf team :)
    i tag u an award,check in my blog y :)

  20. hi again silvi! workload is killing me
    mknya baru sempet mampir nih
    wow you amde a long journey
    it's quite some time since last i went to tmii
    you can do better on next time girl ;)
    all the best
    happy weekend yaaa

  21. nice casual style.. you look good in ponytail.. and wear tonnes of sunblock next time dear. hehe


  22. yeay thanks a lot guys for the sweet comments :)
    @Talisha : I've done with the sunblock before i went there, but i think indonesia is just too hot! so hot! haha.


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