Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday oh Sunday

Just got back from Lippo Karawaci Supermall with my mom and dad. Kinda fascinated with Lippo lately, i don't know why. It serves so much nice shop and brand, sale everywhere. Love it love it.
Seriously, i didn't know what i was going to do just now.
Actually my mom planned to go to Pasar Baru and i was so excited to join her. But unluckily the plan was canceled. And so, i asked her to go to some where, and i got Lippo for my destination.

Flashy Top, Contempo Skinny Jeans, Yongkikomaladi Studded Flat shoes, Bangels from Bali, Belle Black Bag.
And so here is me, carried the bellagio handbag. Yeay yeay i just bought a pair of shoes from Bellagio. Really happy that my dad also excited to buy me some hehe. Thanks mom and dad.

This is my pair of new shoes that i bought.

P.s : Tomorrow will be the hard day. Biology test will come over me, without any confirmatioon from my teacher. I knew it from my friend on the next class. And tomorrow there'll be the nationality ceremony. I'm panic now. As the leader i won't let anything bad happen to my members. Grrrr hate this time!

If you are a fashion blogger and live in Jakarta around, join the 2nd Bloggers Meet Up!
It will be held in Grand Indonesia.
Friday, 5th of February 2010.
at 4 p.m till drop.
Dresscode : The secondary color.
Feel free to come guys!


  1. love your shoes dear!

    just visit my blog too,,
    oh ya, i've follow your blog, follow me back ya... :)

    oh ya, see you in Jogja dear! smoga jd plannya,, :D


  2. Mmm...nice shoes!
    Hope you have fun at your meeting:D


  3. dteng dong ci brarti? yeay :)
    btw, super cool shoes :))

  4. soo the new shoes is in brown hahaha, in twitter it seems black hahaha, it is rocking more in brown though!!

    see you in Fri, sil!

  5. from ur twitpic i tought the shoes are black ka, and it is still great in brown! ahaha love ur simple look btw ka :)

    check my latest post at Tysha Lukman's Mannequin

  6. I love this outfit ! You look so cute :)

  7. what a great, casual outfit, i love the top! and your hair is just so gorgeous. oh! and those shoes are GORGEOUS. can't wait to see how you wear them.
    good luck tomorrow!!! :)

  8. Thanks for the very sweet comments dear :)
    @djhanq: Kalo ngga ada halangan i will come to the meet up :)

  9. ough! ur reminder make me jealous! hope next time u girls held the meet up at BALI ,so i can join! hahaha i wish! :P nice to meet u anyway! nice blog! :))

  10. Oh don't be that jealous dear. We'll do the meet up with you one day :) Thanks for dropping by anyways :)

  11. i like ur shoes :)
    visit me at ya :)

  12. lovely bag and love your simple-chic style! :)

  13. sil next time klo ke lippo janjian ya,ehehe..
    hope will see u on 5th yaa?
    btw cute shoes, i always went lippo but never found tresure like urs,hehe

  14. yeay we'll arrange to meet up in lippo ya mi. It's not that far from house hehe. And yup, i've never found that nice stuffs at lippo, but luckily i had it one yesterday :)

  15. yes i love it, meet up just 2 of us yah..hehehe
    yeah ur such a lucky,hehe..
    we can find nice stuff 2gether later.. hee


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