Sunday, January 17, 2010

I hate this part right here


Bang bang bang! Here i come back to the bloggy thingy. So sorry that i'm being absent on this world, i've been in the very hectic time lately. I've just strated my school last Monday but a lot of homeworks and projects have been waiting for me. Thanks teachers, you're all definitey totally and freakingly success making me into mad.
I'm going crazy now, yeah i guess so.

Bee Kid's Outter fit, Mom's balck tanktop, Cotempo Skinny Jeans, Custom Made Black Ankle heels, DIY Necklace, Bracelet from somewhere

And so, i'm trying to fix my broken-school-thingy by doing the church service. I didn't use much accent on my outfit, feeling not really good :( I didn't do any photoshoots, just 2 takes then jet to the church. So, i'm sorry for the bad-photo that i took.

And here is, my scare to face the next day.
I'm sick to death of the school thingy. I hate being a nerd science girl who has to do all of the homeworks well. But this is my life, this is what i have chosen.
And basketball practice, has been scheduled by my coach. I will have the DBL event next Saturday. My position is my passion, i have to practice again and again. Wish me luck guys!

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. you look adorable in your casual outfit, and i love your shoes! being back at school definitely sucks. good luck at your dbl event!! :)

  2. you look pretty as always, Silvi. And the necklace looks nice too :)

    Good luck on your basketball thingy, and don't take school so hard ya non, have fun with it, trust me, you'll miss it so hard when you're in college later :)

    have fun darling, take a good care of your life


  3. Hello!

    Nice to meet you silvi!
    You're blog is super awesome!

    Please leave some comments in my blog too!



  4. cool necklace :)
    inspiring as always ci

  5. wow.
    where dp u buy custom made?
    pengen bikin jg, tp susah nyari tokonya, haha

    ci, link me back dongg. blog cc dah ak link yaa
    u hvn't link me. :D

    .a little princess.

  6. Thanks a lot for dropping by all :))

  7. the last pic's so cute.. hahahaha u are gorgeous, silviii.. :)

  8. love the look
    simple and casual, fun
    like it
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your lovely comments, i appreciate it


  9. uuuu i love the necklace kak hehe, new post on my blog, comment please :) thankiessss


  10. hai silvi cute necklace !
    kiss kiss arin :)

  11. i loveeeee the first shot! very beautiful dear :) followed ur blog, follow back please if you dont mind:)

  12. YEAY! thanks a lot kak arin and alviana :))


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