Sunday, November 29, 2009

The other Heaven

Almost a week i don't post any. I just had a lot of works to do, and surely i did had a very great holiday with my sister in Bandung. I visited her last Friday, and i decided to have a walk with her. Yeah it was so cool!
On friday, i went to Jl.Riau. Rocked the cool stores there, but unluckily i didn't get any cool stuffs. But not my sister. She's lucky then. In the middle of the crowded she still could get a cool black jacket from Antybeauty. Closing the da, eating at Warung Pasta would be a very bery cool closing dinner. Nyanyamnyam, yummmmmmmmmmmy!



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What i wore : White top-Ciwalk Bandung, Washed jeans-Ako jeans, Ankle Strap-Yongkikomaladi, Snake skin bag-PVJ Bandung, Random bracelets, Unbranded Necklace, My mom's belt.

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Highly recomended from Warung Pasta for you the major fans of cheese!

Saturday, waking up so early, having a romantic film He's just not into you on my sister's laptop. I started my day with some all cool things. Then at around 1 in the afternoon, i started my journey. Heading Braga, the old city of Bandung was the first destination. I was so excited to head there, cause i've never been there before haha. Here are some pitures that i took there. Psssst, i went there with my sister's new bf ahaha.

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What i wore : Black tank-Venicy, Green shorts-Ako Jeans, Blazer-Mint, Ankle Strap-Yongkikomaladi, Sling Bag-Bloop, Necklace-Gaudi, Random Bracelets.

And the last day yeaaay. I went a small distro near Universitas Parahyangan and also to Jl.Riau again, searching another cool stuffs. And i found it. Just one simple top from Flashy. I just love it.

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#2 Highly recomended, Batagor Kuah in front of SMA Katholik Aloysius Bandung. You have to try this guys!

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P.s : I won't post anything for maybe a week. Final exam is coming tomorrow!!! Awwwwuch!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The White Thingy

I 've just realized that i got this tagged from Michelle when i've done everything on my previous post. hmm so i decided to post it in other post. And here are, 7 white things that i have in my lovely bedroom.

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Lemmi explain you from the left to the right respectively.
1. My Precious Slippers, i got them from my bff. They gave these for me as my 16th birthday present. Actually i rarely use them, i use them just for a while before i get to sleep.
2. Nivea, i just can't live without this thing. I have to use such as thing hand body or other cream to keep skin moist and smooth. And this nivea is really useful for me!
3. Johnson's Baby Powder, i use it everytime i go somewhere. Another thing to keep skin moist haha.
4. Rusty Bag, psssst i got it from my ex actually haha. I seldom use this bag too, it's just too small. But i really like it. So simple and cute haha.
5. Paper, a lot of papers! I need papers so much, but FYI i do save the papers by using them at the both sides :)
6. Kingston Flashdisk, i just can't live without it. My projects, data, photos are in this small white thinggy.
7. Nokia supernova 7210, this is my mobile phone. I bought it for almost a year and FYI again, i got it because i got the 3rd rank in my class haha. I really love this phone, so slim and cheeky! With the pink line along the edges.

That's all from me. I think that all of colours have mentioned by the other blogger so i wom't pass this tag too others, okay?

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LoveMuach, Silvi

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The week's events

I don't post any for a week. I just don't know when i have to update this blog. Too much things to do for this week. Being busy for a week, studying for my physics test and luckily i got ten for the test score yeaaay! Also preparing for my make up competition in Lasalle College Jakarta. Yeah, sindo and I join this competition. We've practiced a lot.

And today, i attend it. It was my first time going to Lasalle College Jakarta. Really i don't know where it was, i asked a lot to Michelle from Glister and Blisters. where Lasalle College is. Hihi thanks for the help chelle :)) Unluckily we didn't meet there.

There're a lot of contestants and they're really good in make up-ing too. If you see back to Sindo and I, well, i think we're not as good as the other contestant. We're just the amateur one. And unluckily, i didn't win the competition. But actually i really didn't expect any to be the winner. I just wanna explore myself to be the model hehe. Ana also Sindo my friend, she's able to draw some sketchs or the fashion design, and as the fashion designer she has to be able make up-ing too! Am i right? hihi.

Here are some pictures that i took at Lasalle College just now. A lot of pictures here!

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Here is what i wore to Lasalle College just now. The new Mint denim blazer, Venicy black tanktop, my Custom made skirt, Yongkikomaladi red bag & red flat shoes, and black tights from Taiwan.

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Sindo, one of the very best friend of mine :)

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And tadaaaaaaaaaa! This is the details of my make up. A bit of the colour of soil, green pattern and the sparkling gold. Is it ethnic? haha i don't even care about that one guys!

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One of the Lasalle College Make up artist teacher gave a small presentation of make up. He said that he combined the Minangkabau ethnic style with Lady Gaga style. Hehe. It's quite cool i think wohooo.

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with the other model, enjoying the yummy dimsum hmm~

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And here is, my total look.

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Here are some of my seniors. I met them there! Lemmi introduce them.
Sindo, Me, Djenar, Shinta, Philip, Nadya, Putri (Respectively from left to right)

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Taken when i had meal at Solaria Cityloft Sudirman.

For other picctures just see them on my Facebook.

And so, now i have to back to my activity. Study study and study. I have to study a lot. The final exam will be coming soon. On the first December if i'm not mistaken. So sorry if i can't post any for this week or even more :(

P.s : Big thanks to all you guys who wished me luck for the competition! Sorry i didn't do my best. I'll try my best on the other competition. And for yeye and sumi, big thanks for both of you for accompanying sindo and me to the competition :))

LoveMuach, Silvi

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night Kak Fika from Sweet Escape tweeting me on twitter, she told me that she gave me an award on blog. Hehe it's actually my first award and i really don't know what i have to do with this all. But really, i'm happy. So proud of myself hihi. Thank you so much ya Kak Fika!

To accept the award, she want me to do these:
-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
- Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
- Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
- Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
- Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers and tell about it on their blog.

And now, here are some things about me. It asked me to describe 7 things about myself so here we go.
1. I'm kinda moody girl. My moods change everytime, everyminute, even everysecond. I don't know why, but yeah this is me. I just feel comfort with this one, being moody all the time, altough people surround me don't really feel so comfort with it. So sorry guys, i just can't change it for now. Maybe i'll try later on :)

2. Being a teenage girl who live in the metropolitan town like Jakarta, i have to be a girl who concerns on my own lifestyle. I spend a lot enough of my own money to buy my fashion stuffs. Yeah, it's a lot actually.

3. I didn't do any DIY projects before. Actually i wasn't confident enough to make any artworks. My mom and dad were too often comparing me to my sister. She's really good in doing artwork projects. And i'm not into it at all. But now, since my sister has moved to Bandung to continue her study, i have to be a more confident girl. I do make DIY projects now, especially since i was asked to be a fashion contributor on Gogirl! web :))

4. I do love basketball. I'm really having fun when i play the game. Actually i have a very serious problem about basketball with my bf. For almost a year realtionship, he still doesn't permit me to play basketball. I don't know why, he never gives me any reason -,-

5. I hate garlic family. Garlic, onion, leek. Uuuuh. Yucks! Oh yeah, i hate chili too!

6. Photography is my second passion after fashion. I really love taking pictures on my own camera. But seriously, i don't really understand using SLR or DSLR camera. But Nikon D60 Digital SLR is my currently want!

7. Almost every Saturday or Sunday night i spend with my bf. We watch movies a lot! Really. I can't count how many movies has we watched for this year realtionship hihi.

Yeah that's all about me. And now, here are the bloggers that i want to pass this award. Check them out :))


Anyways, this morning i went to sindo's house. She's a very close friend of mine. And hopefully, we will join the Lasalle college make up competition next Saturday. Wish us luck ya guys. Because this is our first time joining a competition such as this one. And you know what, i will be the model and Sindo will make me up hihi. So scared! Here are some pictures of me.

Silver wedges by Citos Fashion Bazaar, Washed jeans by Ako jeans, White shirt by Nevada, Unbranded black tanktop, Wood bangels thrifted, Neckalce from Bandung.

And here is, my make up practice. since i'm the model, i am maked up for times by sindo hihi.

P.s : I've change Tiffany ketaren's blog's name from sweet escape into Crumbled Paper. Check her out :)

LoveMuach, Silvi

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Death by Sushi

Hellooooo! Welcome back to my blog readers!
Sorry for the late posting, i really did a lot of artworks these days. Almost my entire week is filled by studying a lot for my test. Huh, it's really tiring!

Anyways, actually i started my week with a very cheeky cool dinner with my english course's mates. We had a very super duper cool dinner in Sushi Naga, yeah, it's a new restaurant beside my course building hihi. Actually it was my first time trying the food at that restaurant. But i think it's great. The place is so so cozy and the food taste so good! Also, the prices are so cheap, a lot cheaper than the other sushi restaurant :0

Warning: a lot of pictures here. hihi ;))

nita, Me

The super sushi!

Left to Right : Olin, Wanda, Nando, Me

And now, i really have a lot of things to do. I have to make some artworks projects for posting on Gogirl! magz web. Mamora Basaria asked me to be a fashion contribbutor at gogirl!magz web. I really want it but i think i can't do it for now huhu :(( cause a lot of school works are waiting for me now!
Wish i can do it as soon as possible!

LoveMuach, Silvi

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello readers!!! I'm so sorry for not posting for a while. There's some technical problems on my laptop. It was repaired for about 3 days and now i have to install all the internet tuffs again. Windows live messenger, YM, Skype, Flock............ arrrrrrrgh! I hate that! But now i have them all back again hihi :))

Anyways, last Monday 26th October 2009, My bf and i are officially in a year relationship. Actually we're not dating at all on that day, we're just too busy on our own activity. But last friday i had a dinner with him at Teraskota. Having the super yummy chicken cheesy steak hmmmmm... I love cheese!

Not to forget to be announced, my team won as the second winner at Euphoria from St. Laurensia High School. The final woul be my team against DIS (Deutsche International School) and yeah the score was just 20-26. Actually my team could win the game but FYI we didn't target to be the winner. We're proud enough as the second winner so that we can be better at the next game. Here are some pictures, taken by Na than and Gary. Thanks guys!

When we're on the semifinal aginst Penabur GS

as the finalist, shirt is the most important thing for us :)

After going home from my game, i directly went to my cousin's house. I had an appointment with my cousin's gf, Erlyn. She wanted me to help her make a surprise for my cousin's birthday which is be held on tomorrow on the 3rd November. Yeayy! She's really great. So kind to me :)) I chitted chatted a lot with her, also played the uno stacko with my little girls, Jesslyn and Vellie :)

Here is what i wore to the church. Really i didn't know what to wore last Sunday -,-

P.s : FYI guys, i become the leader of Paskibra crew at my school. Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

LoveMuach, Silvi

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