Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

  1. I do love Jason mraz, too much maybe. I think he's great.
  2. I love laughing, especially with my bff.
  3. I can't live without my bff : Katien, Callis, Nando, Hannah, Tata, Tita, Nita, Sisil, Willy, Sindo, Tri (certainly). They always cheer me up everytime i'm down, they're my place to lean on and to cry on.
  4. I loathe hypocrite, especially when someone start overreacting to get something they want.
  5. I love my dad, he's my hero, my superhero.
  6. And Recky, completes my world. They both are the most meaningful men in my life right now.
  7. I never watch TV, especially Indonesian serial TV. Such a mess. Uneducated.
  8. I prefer spending my money in movies to Indonesian serial TV.
  9. I love cheese
  10. And Ice cream
  11. Also Fashion.
  12. I loathe Garlic. So much. Also its family, fried onions, onions, leeks. Yucks!
  13. I also loathe cockroach. Really really loathe it.
  14. I always try dressing myself up nicely everytime i go. And for sure, i just being me when i dress up.
  15. I hate copycat. There's so much copycat around me, and you of course. Beware!
  16. I love sport, basketball is the most.
  17. I love my basketball team, miss my ex-senior basketball team members. Jessica, Teresa, Kania.
  18. Unluckily, i don't know what majors that i have to take later on college.
  19. I can't do any DIY projects. Really. I'm not as creative as my sister. I can't do any DIY project without her instruction. Poor me!
  20. I'm a crybaby, crying a lot.
  21. I'm sick to death of chemistry, physics, math, and biology. But they're my grub since i entered science class then eh.
  22. I can't paint, not like my sister (again).
  23. I do love singing although i know i'm not into singing at all.
  24. I don't like thunder, i hate lightning!
  25. I'm a major fan of Blake lively, i think she's gorgeous.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The first day, The sleepy day

I mean, yeah, this is my first day i get back to the school, just such a sleepy day. Waking up in the morning, waken by my mobile phone's alarm, knowing that this day isn't a holiday. My my, i felt so sleepy at that time even when i was taking a bath. Especially when i came to school, and the lessons were begun. And believe it or not, i did sleep during my first class, Biology. Also, i did dreamt at that time hihi. A little nasty but yeah, i did it, and really enjoy it.

And now, as usual i have to go back to my daily sucks activity. Do my homework, study for the test (oh yes, i do have physics test for tomorrow) and for sure i can't play the internet a lot. That's sucks, isn't it?

But well, i have to do it all now. It's half past three, i haveto take a bath as soon as possible, then continue do my homework. Shit! See you at the next posting okay? Keep reading my blog readers! Muach!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half Past Nine

Yeah, it's half past nine. At around 10 more hours i will start my day, my school days. Days without happiness (cause a bunch of assignments are waiting there). Days without taking a nap (for sure, can you imagine if i can take a nap even for while? the answer is, NO!). But like it or not, i have to go through this all.

Fiuh, i hope my first day will bring me lucks. Amen. Good night all readers! Happy come back to school! (Sucks).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Taking a Breath

Yups, it''s holiday guys! It's time to take a breath for a while, time to take a breath from you hecti time with your school's sucks assignments or maybe from your works. Yeah, i hope you have avery bery nice holiday. You know why, because i do don't feel it at all. How can i enjoy my holiday, i have to work at home, reaplacing my servant's work. Yeah, i have no servant anymore since i don't know when. It's quite hard to find the new one ehem.

Actually my holiday just full-filled by something useless. Sleeping everytime and everywhere i want, eating so much. Damn. I'm gaining so much weight. Sluts! But, it's okay. I don't really care about my weight actually. I have so much delicious things to eat lately. Salmon for my breakfast, Callamari for my lunch, Peking duck for my dinner. Hem, i can't hardly wait for the next yummmy meal atually hihi :)

Anyways, last Wednesday i went to Pim with my bf. Just for fun actually. Watching a movie, Eating at Platinum, Searching for Gaudi Sale, and J-cooling with the Mochi and Kiwi! I watched Get Married 2. This is my first time i watch Indonesian movie for this year actually hihi. I don't really like Indonesia's movie's genre. Horror but silly. But this one, comedy. Yeah, i'm a major fan of comedy movie, so i watched it then. Really give my two thumbs up for Hannung, moviemaker. Hitsmakes~

And here is what i wore last Wednesday. Introducing, my new vintage dress :)

I bought this dress in ITC BSD, yeah it must be quite shocking for guys! Right? I bought it in a very low price, just Rp 90.000,- hihi :) I bought a lot of things there, my next purchase in this tore : Bag! Just check it guys, Mannequin shop. But unluckily, i forget about the floor. I'll check it later!

And yesterday, i spent my dy with my sister to Teraskota. Searching some cool stuffs at at i forgot the store's brand!, Chilling at Gramedia, Eating at Solaria. Yeah, perfect. Pictures here!

i'm a major fan of Cheese, this book is really helping me!

And last night, as usual, having photoshoots. Taken by my sister, Angky. What i wore: a denim jacket from Old navy, my sister's white loose top from Rumah Mode Bandung, Unbranded tights from Tanah Abang, and a pair of Custom Made ankle boots. Hem, it's nice, isn't it?

LoveMuach, Silvi

Monday, September 21, 2009

Puncak Time!

Yeehhaaa, it's my holiday. Puncak time! yippppppppeeeeeeee! I stayed over night at Villa Tjokro, near cisarua i think hihi. I don't even know exactly where was i for about these three days, i just wanted to enjoy my vacation :)

Here are some pictures that i took there.


Oh my cutie little cousin, Vallerie :)

Swimming time! My daddy looked so handsome haha :)

Pretending that i can swim, actu
ally i can't! haha :)


Family. When we reached the Cibodas.

My sister and Me, at the Cibodas' green house. Unluckily it's closed!

There's no pictures at the third day. Actually i did, but i haven't sent them to my laptop. I'm so lazy to send them huhu. Just wait and see then, i will post it if i'm not lazy hahahahaha.

And you know what, i'm really tired now. I really need a very best rest. Gonna see you soon readers! Bye! Have a nice holiday then. And also, happy eid' dul fitr for you all!

LoveMuach, Silvi

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lacking of Happiness

Sorry for not posting this post yesterday. I helped my mom to make some cakes hihi. I'm going to be fatter i think. Eating all the day haha. Now my weight is 45 kg, and what about next week? maybe it'll more than 45 kg haha :3

I attended my friend's 17th again last Wednesday. The
resia Rasta Karina. Yeah she's one of my senior and i'm so glad that i was invited too hihi. Actually i'm not really close with her, she's just my Paskibra's mate, but i thought that i should come to that party hoho. Some pictures here :)

Gavi, Desy, Nike, There, Me, Nando

Yeye, Me

Me, Nando, Jordy

with my bff, nando

And you know, something happened before i went to that party. Yeah pretty got mad with my bf (again and again) because of something what i had to wear to that party (just like a silly billy). So, i decided to wear this outfit. Check this out.

I wore my sister's acid jeans skirt which she bought in Pasar Baroe with cost just Rp 5.000,- (less than $1), express green long sleeves, eustacia red clutch, some braid bracelets, and make up. (yeah i started to fill my face by making it up)

And now i'm eating cheese. Just don't know what to do. Really got mad with my bf, i canceled our meeting. Actually i would go to senayan city or pim maybe but i cancelled it all. I'm sick to death of waiting. And now, ya i just feel so bored -,-

Lacking of happiness lately. Receiving so many saying sorry from my bf, just happen as usual.

Oh yeah readers, i'll go to puncak with my whole Tan's family tomorrow. I'm delighted to know that my family and i will go to have an enough long vacation. I just can't hardly wait to go. Packing time now. Bye bye readers!


LoveMuach, Silvi

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lil' Party

Okay, firstly i wanna say hi and sorry for lacking of posting. I just don't know what i have to post so yaaaaa... I don't post anything. But it's going to be different with now then. I some of things that i will share with you guys.

I attended my friend's 17th birthday dinner at Bowies last Saturday. She's Ayuvira Amaliratia! Yeay. Happy birthday then, Ayu. Wishing you all the best all the time :) Here are some pictures, latter on i will post another pictures then. I haven't got the other from my friends.


Here is, Ayu, The birthday girl!

and here is, what i wore last saturday to the party..

What i wore was a dress from Mannequine, a bag from PVJ Bandung, A pair of custom made Ankle boots, and some stuffs on my left hands.

and for the details.. here some..

And anyways readers, i will rather surprise you i think. Before i went to Bowies last time, I was thinking about what would i wear. And i make it into a looklet. You may see it then. It's quite similar with what i wore last Saturday hihi. I was delighted then when i knew that i have the 'same' dress with what i imagined before hihi :)

Enough then for today. I don't even know wha I have to post again. So, bye readers!

P.S : I'm on my preparation for my english assignment actually. It's kinda weird but I have to retell a story. I choose Cinderella story then, teh easiest one hihi. Just wait for the video ya!
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