Sunday, June 28, 2009

They are really inspiring Me!

buy for me please!

tita, the birthday girl

So sorry for the late posting! On 23rd June 2009, I was invited to my betsfriend's 16th birthday party, Tita. It was just a little party in FX Lifestyle Center. She's actually had moved to Pembangunan Jaya Senior High School, but she still invited Vooduu, her old-gang to her birthday party. Here she was, the birthday girl : IDA AYU TITA :)

Tita is one of the Vooduu, so do I. Vooduu and me went to FX by
Trans BSD Bus, and we bought a pair of shoes for her! And you know what, actually that was my choice. I liked that shoes too, it's kinda cool and abstract hahaha. Take a look of it...

She's trying to wear it :)

We also took some pictures too in tita's apartment.. This is her new apartment in FX, I thought this apartment was cool enough heeeeeem :)

back left to right : Me, Nando, Tita, Sisil, Willy
front left to right : Tata, Callis, Sindo, Katien

(We're not ready yet, Willy!)

and also we took some pictures in FX certainly!

(also when we ate Sour Sally tere hm yummmmmmy :3)

Top : Pasar Baroe
Black Skinny Jeans : Orange
Ankle Strap : Yongki Komaladi
Bag : Unbranded
Bracelets : Bandung

I forgot something hihi. We watched17 again there, and would be so much fun to watch it haha really a funny and entertaining movie, Zac Efron was also so so handsome too hmmmmmm :) Two thumbs up then for this film!

hmm it was a few of time that we've cherrished together that we publish :)
(Vooduu who attended this party : Me, Willy, Nando, Tita (of course, the birthday girl), Callis, Sisil, Sindo, Katien, and Tata!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a Boring Holiday

hmmm can you all help me make my holiday MUCH BETTER than what i have now? errggg it's just such the worst holiday I've ever had! huaaaaaaaaaaaa. Mami, I need to go somewhere please :) i'm begging so!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Waaaaaaaw it's more interesting than i expected before. I went to Bandung with my lovely basketball team. We went there for 3 days started from 19th of february 'till 21st of february. It was a very exhausting holiday but we all could pass these 3 days with a bunch of fun. A lot of memories we'd shared together there.
We went to bandung by bus, Baraya Travel Bus. Actually our coach would love to join us too to go to bandung but he canceled it. So, we're 10 girls plus nike's mom so became 11, went to bandung. We stayed in nike's grandmother's ex-house in jl.maleer near Bandung Supermall. On the first day, we just went to bandung supermall then we watched 'Garuda di Dadaku' together. It was so a brilliant movie, and as usual because it's a bit sad story, my tears rolled down my face. "garuda di dadaku, garuda kebanggaanku, ku yakin hari ini pasti menang!" I gave 9 then for this movie :)

Then around at six p.m we went to Paris Van Java and it was so pretty nice in there. Visited some stores, bought some stuffs there. hmmm it w
as an unforgetable moment there. We also took some pictures there :)

Late at night, we're not going to sleep directly. We played UNO cards and the one who was lose will got a punishment which is powdered by baby powder puff (the one and the only who brought those things was just me haha). hihi and of course i was lose! ahhaha.

seems like a ghost actually haha :)

On the second day, we began our journey by going to the tangkuban perahu. It was so cool there. Actually the sun shone so brightly but it felt so cool brrrrrrrr. This is it! The Tangkuban Perahu!

We continued our journey to Kebun Teh. We enjoyed the waterfall there, a very Beautiful Waterfall actually. We took a lot of photos there and we also made hmmmm the freaky lovely video clip. We sang Sherina's song in kebun teh and take a video of it. Curious to watch it? (hihi but i'm sorry i can't post it know because i have to decrease its size! Sorry!) But now, I've done it. I can post it hahaha :)


Here we were, some pictures that Nike's dad and mom took! So nice :)

At night, we went to Maxis Restaurant or Maxim I rather forgot near Unpar University. We had dinner together and it so a very berry wonderful night for us. The most unforgetable moment we'd shared! :)

hemm I don't know why but I really really like these photos :)

The third day, the last day too for sure, we went to Lembang for breakfast. Then we packed our stuffs baecause we're gonna go back to home. Ohhh i loathe it! I felt that I wanna stay there again and again and again. hmmmmmm. But before we went home, we went to Cihampelas Walk first to shop :) then late at 6 p.m we went home to bsd city! Good bye Bandung! Bubye! Bandung, I lovin' it! :)

Eva Silviana

first posting

hmm hmm this is my first posting on my blog. I don't really know what's the function of it actually. I don't even know how to use it hihi what a poor of me :( but why don't i try it huh?
Well, let intoduce myself first then. I'm Eva Silviana, 16 years old on may 20th. I will be on the 11th grade in Ora et Labora BSD Senior High School, Science Class certainly. And now i'm passing
my long long terribly boring holiday. So that's why i try to make a blog. So, just read what i've written dear readers!!
Thank you for visiting All of the image courtesy belongs to the owner of the blog @evasilviana and other sources that have been mentioned in every image above.