Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your vote is their pleasure

Hey there! I just wanna drop by to put a link, yeah a super link. Like what i've mentioned before (on my JIFFEST 2009 posting), my friends joinned the Documentary Video Contest. They are Ditha, Ketty, and Mia. And please help them by voting them on this contest :) This contest is sponsored by The Body Shop, and it is held of JIFFEST 2009.

As my friend's video's title, 'LOVE THEN LEAVE', it is documented about LOVE, which is woman has our own rights in every realtionship that we have. Such an interesting video haha I'm promoting :)

And so, interested to vote? Open this website The Body Shop for further information Or just click HERE to vote for short :)
Your vote is their pleasure. Thank to all of you who has voted it.

Thanks a lot guys!


  1. I've voted ! Hope they win :D

    p.s. I won a VISA debit card worth of US$ 20 :D

  2. wow, i wished i can send a video (dream to be the next spielberg, haha)

    voted already ci :)

  3. Aaaaah thanks a lot ya becky and djanq!!! They will be so happy to know that you're voting for them :)

  4. I love bodyshop- Your blog is so cute!
    Check out my fashion blog here:


  5. hey ive linked you.. pls link me back okay.. see u on the 22nd ok

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  7. gw uda vote yah eva !
    good luck to your friend .
    hope she wins this !

  8. Thanks a lot for the vote ya guys :) Love yaaa :)

  9. I've voted them! Hope they will win the contest :]
    btw, you have a really nice blog! mind if we exchange link?



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