Thursday, December 17, 2009

I did it dude

As what i've said on my twitter, i did a photoshoot for Kawanku Magazine yesterday. Yeay it was so cool. Great, totally great. I did the photoshoot in front of the Kawanku Office Building, in front of the new Hotel Mandarin to be exact. Together with Lokita from Ringa Dinga Boing Boing. Having a very nice photohoot, but sorry i can't put all the photos now :(

And yup, i love to post this one so much. Yesterday was a really superblast day! I love it so much. I did shopping a lot, Mitchybelle is always be a guilty pleasure huhu. I spend a lot of my mom's money there hahahaha. Here are, what i bought yesterday.




Oh geez, i've just realized that my neck's bone is getting out of the way. I'm getting skinnier :(

All i bought in Mitchybelle besides the black legging.

Oh yeah, i got my first smester report this morning. I felt so gloomy to know that my mathematics score on the report is just under 70. But overall, i'm so so happy and proud to get a chance to be the third rank again and again hahaha. Thanks Jesus for Your blesses in whole this smester :)) Love You!

P.s : Can't hardly wait for the Kawanku Magazine January edition. Don't forget to get it ya guys hehehe. Yeah i'm promoting!

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. can't to see the result of the photoshoot with Kawanku!!hihi

    and I loooove the shoes and the bag soo much!!

  2. i love your bag. soooo pretty. and you are gorgeous sweetie. i wanna see the outcome of your photoshoot too. i'm sure it's fabulous!

  3. Kak Fika : yup, i'm adoring my own new shoes too haha. Thanks kak, i'm waiting for the result too huhu.

    betz : Thanks a lot betz. I'll post the result as soon as possible!

  4. yeah Mitchybelle is a really nice shop. They have a really nice collection of shoes, clothes, etc :]

  5. yeah you're right susan! I love shopping there :)

  6. Hy! Congrats on the photo shoot!

    Can's believe the sunny weather you have!

    We are like freezing in Europe....:((


  7. your shoes are adorable! and i love that flowy floral top you're wearing in one of the last pictures. :)
    and that's awesome you were in a photoshoot. hopefully there will be pictures!

  8. wow nice look, love your jacket and your shoes.
    cute :)

    btw visit my blog if you want :)

  9. love it darling
    thanks for sharing
    im such a fan of your blog, its beautiful, keep it up
    and thanks for the sweet comments, ive linked you!


  10. Diane : Thanks a lot diane! Yup, Indonesia is such a very hot country. But i want winter season for my christmas :(

    Jen : Thanks a lot jenn! I will post the pictures as soon as i get them :)

    Muhammad : Thanks a lot ya! I've visited your blog :)

  11. CMA : Thank you so much caroline!!!

  12. i lovee your blog....
    nice outfits too!
    wanna exchange link?
    I've linked your blog!
    and I've followed your blog. hope you follow me back.

    vereeeeennn :)

  13. Thank you a lot veren. You're such a cute little girl :)

  14. cant hardly wait for the kawanku photoshoot kak!!!!! and loving your mitchybell shoey!!! ohmy ilove shoes:)))

  15. Wew thanks a lot ya regina. just wait the 3rd January Kawanku edition yaaaa :) Yup, i admire my own new shoes too. Hehe

  16. Can't wait to see the pictures! =)
    I love mitchybell too! hehehehe.. nice bag that you bought! and i love your brown shoes so much.. where did you buy them?

  17. i used to love mitchybelle as well darling and totally understand cuz it's really a guilty pleasure!! hahaaha. please post your photoshoot in your blog, really want to see it! check out my blog too sweetyy :)

  18. ye55i : I got the shoes from mithcybelle too. Discount everyitem there! ahaha. Thanks yessi :)

    all about the sytle : Thanks a lot dear :)

    Devi : Yup, i really love mithcybelle too. I'll post the pictures later on January maybe, until i get the result. Thanks deviiii :)

  19. evaaaa....congrats y...i'll buy it to see u....cant waaait...waaaait..
    i luv u're boots eva,u looks stunning with it...

    congrats y....

  20. silviii . ranking 3 uda hebat kali yah !
    am in love with your jacket dear !
    itu km photoshoot nya pake baju ituu ? ato di styling-in ??

    i loved this post dear . keep posting' up good stuffx .

    thx for droppin' by and commenting .
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    gListeRs & bListeRs
    last day to enter my scarf giveaway!

  21. Aww that's so cool you're having a photoshoot ! Will surely buy the magazine :D I love Mitchybelle . But it's too far from my house , never been there :( Nice outfit dear !

  22. aww you're so cute! hehe congrats on the shooot! hope you had an awesome time!

    helen x

    btw i have a giveaway on my blog! check it out!

  23. Heart Charlie : Thanks a lot!!

    Novita : Wow thanks a lot yaaa kak :))

    Michelle : Yup, but my mom just keep protesting to me about my math score geez :( Ngga, itu sih baju2nya punya gue sendiri dandan juga sendiri. Bener2 cuma difoto doang gituuuu. Thanks yaaa!

    Becky : Thanks a lot dearr. You should try shopping in mitchybelle! haha.

    Helen : Thank you so much. I definitely will join the giveaway :)


    & please read my post about the carerras gala!

    greetings from good old germany.
    have a nice christmas time.

    Tzoules K.

  25. Love your shoes so much!!

  26. It must be fun! can't wait for the result..anyway,love your outfit!

  27. Oh is mitchybelle really good? never been there before.
    Anyway, love the turquoise top!

    XO, lily

  28. Yup, it's so cool! I found a lot of cool stuffs there! Thanks a lot :)

  29. hei i alredy linked you in my blogroll

    check it :)

  30. gorgeous photos silvi!
    once again, congratulations for the featured
    i also cant wait till the januari edition
    and cant wait till i meet you again on the 22nd blogger meet up woohooo

  31. Muhammad : Thanks a lot yaa :)

    Fhen : Yup, congrats too ya darls! Can't hardly wait for the 2nd bloggers meet up too before you got back to Spore!

  32. wawhh you are so lucky became a model in a magazine,and mitchybell is a great great store i love it !<3

  33. oooooooooooooh i really love the shoes :))
    aren't those bloop shoes ?

  34. sooo cute and sweet ! luv it :)

  35. Soo cute!
    Love that blouse in the 2nd to last pic. =)

  36. Like your shoes...

    Are they comfortable?


  37. Sabila : Nope. I bought them in Mitchybelle dear. Btw thanks yaaaa :)

    nepu : Wow thanks a lot!

    Tori : Thank you so much dear..

    Dewi Utari : Thanks a lot kak. Yup, they're so comfortable.. Trust me haha.


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