Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The White Thingy

I 've just realized that i got this tagged from Michelle when i've done everything on my previous post. hmm so i decided to post it in other post. And here are, 7 white things that i have in my lovely bedroom.

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Lemmi explain you from the left to the right respectively.
1. My Precious Slippers, i got them from my bff. They gave these for me as my 16th birthday present. Actually i rarely use them, i use them just for a while before i get to sleep.
2. Nivea, i just can't live without this thing. I have to use such as thing hand body or other cream to keep skin moist and smooth. And this nivea is really useful for me!
3. Johnson's Baby Powder, i use it everytime i go somewhere. Another thing to keep skin moist haha.
4. Rusty Bag, psssst i got it from my ex actually haha. I seldom use this bag too, it's just too small. But i really like it. So simple and cute haha.
5. Paper, a lot of papers! I need papers so much, but FYI i do save the papers by using them at the both sides :)
6. Kingston Flashdisk, i just can't live without it. My projects, data, photos are in this small white thinggy.
7. Nokia supernova 7210, this is my mobile phone. I bought it for almost a year and FYI again, i got it because i got the 3rd rank in my class haha. I really love this phone, so slim and cheeky! With the pink line along the edges.

That's all from me. I think that all of colours have mentioned by the other blogger so i wom't pass this tag too others, okay?

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LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. wow i love your rusty bag =)
    anyway gue udah link lu thanks <3

  2. What an interesting post! White things from your bedroom... well, I'm inspired :D I would like to show some black things which I've got in my bedroom. Or maybe blue...
    Kisses from Poland

  3. sweet post... oooh I love your phone :D
    thanks for following
    following you too :) xxx

  4. cool slippers.
    thanks for linking!! cute blog here deary :)

  5. Wow thanks all :) Big thanks for bella!

  6. ah, baby powder is amazing. and i'm loving those slippers, adorable! :)

    - jen

  7. love it
    thanks for sharing darling
    and thanks for your sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  8. sweet post !
    you did the tagging thing :)
    love your phone . me and my boyfriend actually bought that exact same phone for his grandma's birthday :)

    the design is very sleek !
    im already a follower of ur blog as always :)

  9. @Hannah & Jen & CMA : Thanks a lot dears!

    @Michelle : yeah at last i post on my blog again hehe. Oh yeah? that's so sweet! I really love my mobile, it's cool i think haha. Thanks a lot chelle!

  10. Thank you so much for dropping by :))

  11. Hey darling,
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    I buy the blue skirt at Yuan - mangga dua :)
    Hope you're doing well!



  13. Thanks guys for dropping by on my blog :))

  14. Hai Eva, thanks yah... I've linked u too ;)

    Nice blog, I love your slippers ^^

  15. Hello girl! Your slippers are super cute. Don´t they get dirty? I am following you on Blogloving
    B* a la Moda

  16. I love your Thw Who t-shirt !

    I follow you:)

  17. AWWWWW! I love your slippers, they are tres cute =) Oh and thanks so much for your lovely comment, i really appreciate it!

    Panda xx

  18. RE: New moon is VERY good . much better than twilight :)
    hope you enjoy your weekend in bandunggg . ntar di blog ye ngapain aja :)

    new moon hrs nonton btw ! hahaha .
    you team edward or jacob ? ;)

  19. aww
    going to put your links too :))

  20. Lovely white things you have !!

    ADORE those slippers and also your mobile phone <3 <3

  21. Love all the white things! I love all the pics in the post below too!

  22. Thanks for dropping by guys! I'll reply your comments as soon as possible, but it's just not now. I'm terribly jet-lag.


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