Thursday, November 12, 2009

Death by Sushi

Hellooooo! Welcome back to my blog readers!
Sorry for the late posting, i really did a lot of artworks these days. Almost my entire week is filled by studying a lot for my test. Huh, it's really tiring!

Anyways, actually i started my week with a very cheeky cool dinner with my english course's mates. We had a very super duper cool dinner in Sushi Naga, yeah, it's a new restaurant beside my course building hihi. Actually it was my first time trying the food at that restaurant. But i think it's great. The place is so so cozy and the food taste so good! Also, the prices are so cheap, a lot cheaper than the other sushi restaurant :0

Warning: a lot of pictures here. hihi ;))

nita, Me

The super sushi!

Left to Right : Olin, Wanda, Nando, Me

And now, i really have a lot of things to do. I have to make some artworks projects for posting on Gogirl! magz web. Mamora Basaria asked me to be a fashion contribbutor at gogirl!magz web. I really want it but i think i can't do it for now huhu :(( cause a lot of school works are waiting for me now!
Wish i can do it as soon as possible!

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. oooo sushi......yum!

  2. bahahaha .death by sushi .
    bikin gw ngakak lgsg .
    me love sushi too .
    kl ke jakarta ngmg2 yah . ntar gw ajak ke tempat sushi yg paling TOP ! :p

    oh and tomodachi . duno the address. tp pokqny kl dari PVJ lu lurus aja ke arah yg atas (yg arah ke rumod).. trs tomodachi ada di kiri lu gtuu.. ada di hook boutique nya . check it out !

    by the way . ko bs di contact ama gogirl sih ? ngirii dhh ..

  3. I know that most of ppl I know love sushi soo much..dunno why I just don't like it :p..hihihi

    anw,,good luck for the fashion tips!! I know you can do it :)..just googling for some ideas ;)

  4. thanks for commenting on my blog! aww looks like you had fun! i love sushi so much!! :D i love your grey shoes in your last post :)

  5. @Andie : i love sushi too!

    @Michelle : Dimana sushi paling top? gue kan tinggal di bsd, ke jakarta cuma 20menit haha. Hmm can't hardly wait for the tomodachiiiiiii!

    @Kak fika : iya sih, kan tergantung taste lidah orang kak. aku aja ga suka nasi goreng hahaha. Yeah, wish me can do it all ya kak!

    @Coldlight : Hihi thanks a lot dear!! I love your blog.


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