Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night Kak Fika from Sweet Escape tweeting me on twitter, she told me that she gave me an award on blog. Hehe it's actually my first award and i really don't know what i have to do with this all. But really, i'm happy. So proud of myself hihi. Thank you so much ya Kak Fika!

To accept the award, she want me to do these:
-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
- Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
- Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
- Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
- Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers and tell about it on their blog.

And now, here are some things about me. It asked me to describe 7 things about myself so here we go.
1. I'm kinda moody girl. My moods change everytime, everyminute, even everysecond. I don't know why, but yeah this is me. I just feel comfort with this one, being moody all the time, altough people surround me don't really feel so comfort with it. So sorry guys, i just can't change it for now. Maybe i'll try later on :)

2. Being a teenage girl who live in the metropolitan town like Jakarta, i have to be a girl who concerns on my own lifestyle. I spend a lot enough of my own money to buy my fashion stuffs. Yeah, it's a lot actually.

3. I didn't do any DIY projects before. Actually i wasn't confident enough to make any artworks. My mom and dad were too often comparing me to my sister. She's really good in doing artwork projects. And i'm not into it at all. But now, since my sister has moved to Bandung to continue her study, i have to be a more confident girl. I do make DIY projects now, especially since i was asked to be a fashion contributor on Gogirl! web :))

4. I do love basketball. I'm really having fun when i play the game. Actually i have a very serious problem about basketball with my bf. For almost a year realtionship, he still doesn't permit me to play basketball. I don't know why, he never gives me any reason -,-

5. I hate garlic family. Garlic, onion, leek. Uuuuh. Yucks! Oh yeah, i hate chili too!

6. Photography is my second passion after fashion. I really love taking pictures on my own camera. But seriously, i don't really understand using SLR or DSLR camera. But Nikon D60 Digital SLR is my currently want!

7. Almost every Saturday or Sunday night i spend with my bf. We watch movies a lot! Really. I can't count how many movies has we watched for this year realtionship hihi.

Yeah that's all about me. And now, here are the bloggers that i want to pass this award. Check them out :))


Anyways, this morning i went to sindo's house. She's a very close friend of mine. And hopefully, we will join the Lasalle college make up competition next Saturday. Wish us luck ya guys. Because this is our first time joining a competition such as this one. And you know what, i will be the model and Sindo will make me up hihi. So scared! Here are some pictures of me.

Silver wedges by Citos Fashion Bazaar, Washed jeans by Ako jeans, White shirt by Nevada, Unbranded black tanktop, Wood bangels thrifted, Neckalce from Bandung.

And here is, my make up practice. since i'm the model, i am maked up for times by sindo hihi.

P.s : I've change Tiffany ketaren's blog's name from sweet escape into Crumbled Paper. Check her out :)

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. thanks for linking me! congrats on the award! i'll link you back :)

  2. congratz for the award.
    i love your shoes, by the way. :D

  3. wew conratulation for the awards.and by the way,photgraphy is my passion too.but i rather editing than taking a pict hahaha

  4. congrats on the award, DIY-ING RULES!!
    and cute wedges btw :)

  5. @Vina : Thanks yaaa vina :)

    @Regina : Thanks a lot regina. Yeah, i love photography! We love photography hihi :))

    @Andie : Thanks andie!

    @Jasmine : Thanks Jasmine, FYI i just bought the wedges for less $15 :)

  6. haiii silvi!! thankss for posting about the award..
    waah..knp dilarang maen basket?krn tlalu tomboi kali..haha..

    sepatunya kereen..foto yg terakhir cantiik..good luck buat kompetisinya yaa!! :D

  7. Congrats on your award girl !!

    Its fun to know these facts about you:) And I know you're such a fun girl to be with<3 <3 Its okay about being moody at times.

    All the best for your make up competition!Do let me know if you need any help,I did studied professional makeup awhile back.

    And I'm using the Nikon D60 camera now and I adore it so much !

  8. hey thanks for visiting mine :) love your washed out jeans :D anyway, why u can't visit the Fashion Week?

  9. WOOHOO. Congrats on your blog. I loved reading your facts; I hate the garlic family, too. They make your breath smell bad and I always feel gross! Haha.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    (P.S. I changed my blog name, please update your links!)

  10. congrats on your blog. keep being creative :)

  11. @Kak fika : you're welcome kak :) Hihi gatau tuh kak. Boy is confusing hmm~ iya wish me luck ya kak!

    @Valencia : Thanks a lot. yeah, i really need a lot of your help i think :( i will follow your twitter to tweet you okaaay!

    @Iravirginia : Hmm yeah too bad, i have a lot of school works and projects! -,-

    @Lexy : Yeah, i do hate the garlic family so damn!! Okay, i'll update your link!

    @Fitri : Thanks a lot fitriiii :)

  12. Sepatunya lucu banget deh..

  13. Re:Ohhhh on the makeup,hmmm maybe you could look through magazines for ideas or go to sites to look for photos !

    You could do a bronze gold look for the makeup theme:D Just let me know or email me if you have any other questions. Will be more than willing to help <3

  14. ahhh thank you so much for giving me the award ! i will do it as soon as i can . :) lovely outfit dear , love your natural make up ! have a nice day !

  15. @Diana : Thanks a lot!

    @Onic : Wow thanks a lot ya dear :)

    @Valencia : Hmm, i got a bit problem with the eyeshadow. I couldn't get the bronze pattern color because it's not shinning enough. I mixed the bronze into green and a bit blue because i had to match it with the outfit :( so, how is it? i'm confused :(

    @Becky : You're welcome dear :)) Thanks for posting it on your blog!

  16. you're adorable! and i'm in love with your hair :))

    - jen

  17. awesome post !
    looks like me and u have similarity .
    i also watch movies on weekends :)
    sometimes be2 doang sometimes rame2 tmen juga :)
    where do u usually watchh ??

    btw . wat kind of cheese you love ? bahahah..

  18. hi dear ! thank you for your comment and no problem :D aihh kita beda 2 tahun duan kuk gag jauh2 amad hahaha . hope you have a great weekend yah ! :)

  19. love the heels! :D
    anyway,i'm yofany. want to ex link? comment me :)

  20. @Michelle : hmm ya i do love movies! Gue suka banget strawberry cheesecake ato ngga cheesecake yang plain! yummmmy~

    @Becky : Yeah, seems that i have to be more mature then you hihi :))

    @Yofany : Thanks yofany! I've commented your blog :)

  21. Congrats once again on your award. BTW - your last photo is so stunning. May I ask what ethnicity are you ÉÉ (ARGH. Question mark button is broken!)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. I actually took the Bali mixed with Java ethnic. It's truly Indonesia. But unluckily one of the judge didn't really get it so maybe that's the main factor why i lost hihi. But i think it's okay :)) Thanks by the way!


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