Sunday, November 8, 2009

Action on the mood

Whenever i got bored, taking pictures will also be the best way to cheer me up :))

Hello guys. I'm totally in a major fatigue. I've just came back from movie with my bf. Yeah at last we have a movie too hihi. There's something wrong with us before we went to the movie, a bit mad mixed with anger hmm~ Actually i wanted to watch He's Just Not Into You but my bf picked me up so late so we couldn't run the time. Then, he chose The Last Legion for our movie and you know what, since i'm a major fan of history, i really didn't disappointed at all with this film. It's effing cool! I love it so much! Two thumbs up for Aishwarya Rai, she's so cool. Really!

I really love this part, so tense but also sweet :))

I love her make up here.

Oh yeah, i also bought some bracelets just now. I'll use them later on if i'm on my mood to dress up hihi.

P.s : You guys should watch this movie. Coolest action movie ever!

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. Love your outfit, that black skirt is super cute!
    And that movie looks os good, will have to check it out!
    Great post

  2. Awesome long necklace in this! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. @Beth: Thanks a lot beth. Yeah, you have to watch the movie! It's so cool. Really :))

    @MJ: Thank you MJ!

  4. love the cobalt color on you . looks really nice !
    and cute pointed flat boots ..
    i love grey color (am actually a big grey color fan! haha)

    hope u have a nice weekend :)
    i'll follow ur blog ye .
    hope u follow me too

  5. i love your necklace and those little grey booties!

  6. heyy silvi :)..nice DIY mau nyoba tp lg ga mood bikin DIY..hihi
    and the top color is just sooo fit on your skin :D..

    kamu cantiik skalii siy silvi..hihi
    o iyaa,,aq ga tau knp koq link kamu ga ke update yaa?td siy aq coba delete and link ulang.mudah2an skr terupdate..hihi

  7. haven't heard of this movie but it looks interesting - i love the electric blue in your outfit xx

  8. Your photos are too cute! That's such a fun skirt and I love your header. ARGH! SO ADORABLE.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. looking pretty :) i love love love it :)


  10. @Michelle : Thanks a lot ya michelle! I love that shoes too hihi, it's actually my custom made shoes and i got it in a low enough price hehe :))

    @Lilee, Alita, kirstyb : Thanks a lot dears!!

    @Kak fika : Wah thanks a lot ya kak! Itu diy necklacenya jg aku ikutin step dari gogirl web gitu hehe. Hmm iya iya udah ke update kok kak :)

    @Hannah : Aaaaaargh hannah big thanks for youuu! You should watch the film!

    @Girl With The Bow Tie : Thanks dear. I love your blog too hihi.

  11. @michellehendra : Thanks a lot dear!!

  12. I love your top!!!!

  13. such a lovin dress. thank you for comin my blog. <333333333 for you. smoochies.

  14. @anonymous : Thanks a lot!
    @myrrh goldframe : Thanks dear. You're welcome hihi.

  15. i love your outfit so much :) so cute and i heart your boots too . hehe . nice to find another cool blogger from indonesia . keep post . btw skolah dmn ?

    follow me on my twitter please , . thank s sugar :)

  16. Hey issye, big thanks for you girl ;) aku sekolah di ora et labora bsd. tau?
    btw, i don't know why i can't follow your twitter. maybe there's a technical problem. how about if you follow me first? :)

  17. cute outfit!

  18. i've followed you baby . by the way, really big thanks for that award yea . i've put your link in the left side of my blog . thank you sweety :)

  19. you're welcome isye :) Don't forget to do some rules of the award okay :)

  20. Love the outfit and the first picture is sooo cute!! =D



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