Thursday, October 15, 2009

SMAN1 Tangerang Cup

Hello readers! It seems quite long I don't post anything here hehe. I really didn't know what i had to update, so i didn't write anything here. But yeah, i just got my pictures (i call them pictures because there's a lot) from my friends gavi. These all are about my basketball team. FYI, my team lost on the second game. We defeated Daan mogot 1 senior high sschool at the firt game but Setia bakti high school defeated us on the second game. Yeah, that's too bad. But i think it will be okay, it was our first experience as a new team. I do wish we can work harder than befre so that we can play better on the next competition. Amen :)

Set the strategy

Jessica as an official ; Kak Iwan as the coach

Played some tricks

On our way to Kak Ayu's house by Becak ;)

Kak Iwan with the little girl, Irene ; Kak Ayu, Irene, and my team

The Starting Five : Rama, Alvian, Refa, Peter, Moris

Rama ; Gary

P.s : For more pictures just get them on my facebook :) Thanks! Muachos!

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. tetap semangat tim basket oel...

  2. Harus dong lis! liat deh adenya pacarnya kak iwan, lucu ya hahaha

  3. hi eva silvina, i really adore your blog. you are so stylish and gorgeous. nice to know your blog. keep blogging okay!

  4. hihi oke deh . kalo udah update blog bilang aja ntar tak kasih comment x)

  5. wohoo big thanks to anonymous!
    @Becky : oke oke :))


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