Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy oh Mommy

It's just a little bit strange but yeah, it was all the things that i did to spend my evening :) I got some cool stuffs from my mom's wardrobe. And old-fashion stuff i think but i was just sure that i could be stunning on it. Here are the pictures :)

This is my mom's leopard outfit. Like a shirt but actually it's not. Long sleeves with the collar. Made of jorjet material, but it seems to hot to wear. But since it's cool, why not? :) I just wore it with my jeans hotpants plus my wayfarer, and i think it's cool. Really matching uh?

And this one is my mom's green vest. Actually she still often wears this vest, but i think i will wear it more often than her hihi. Some people say that vest is so last year now, but i think as long as you can put it in a cool way, it will make you different with the other fashion-freak, won't it? So, just be creative then. Oh yeah, and also this is my new bag. My mom bought it for me for a couple days ago. It's just a simple black bottega veneta slingbag. Big thanks mom!

And seriously, i don't know what i have to now. Actually my friend invited me to his birthday dinner but i can't attend it. By the way, happy birthday Bu novenda (she's my homeroom teacher in XI IPA 2), happy birthday Gary, happy birthday Jessica, happy birthday Illona. and soon, Yanti's birthday. We gave a surprise for Bu novenda, a friend of mine, jordy, planned it. He's really a responsible boy. And hmm, actually next Tuesday will be my bf's birthday too, honestly i really don't know what i have to give for him. Really. Could you help me to decide what will i give to him? Thanks guys!

P.s : I'm really nervous for tomorrow. My first game in this eleventh grade. I hope i can do my best. God bless Me!
Wish me luck peeps!

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. leopard outfitnya kereen ;D..

    anw, just wanna let you know that my blog held a giveaways..please join if you are interested :)

  2. green vestnya juga keren! beli dimana?

  3. Thanks guys!
    Kak fika aku udah ikut giveaways-get-necklaces nya hihi :)

  4. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! Love this outfit! I like your have a new follower! :)

  5. Hi, Silvi!
    Nice outfit you have... Love the leopard!
    Good luck for your game too! ^^v

  6. love the vest and your shirt, my dear. <333

  7. Waw major thank for you all guys ;)
    @Loving Chiaradeanna : Thank you dear :)

  8. Hi! nice leopard! Beli dmn ka?

  9. Thanks chika :) That's my mom's hihi


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