Friday, October 2, 2009

I ♥ Indonesia

Hello guys. How are you? I hope you're all fine. Ehem, maybe yes. Today is Batik's day. International had already agreed that Batik is owned by Indonesia after Malaysia claimed that batik is one of their culture. In fact, batik is trully Indonesia, isn't it? Yeah, that's pathetic.

And something that i have to tell you too, my school really appreciated about it. So, although it's Friday, but the students have to wear the batik uniform and for those who have the real batik, they could use it. Yeah, it's cool. I did wore my batik dress, just wanna feel free a day without my uniform actually hihi. But it's waw, the students looked so nice using those batik things. Really. Especially the boys. Yeah, i love looking at the boys in my class today. They looked so cool using their batik. Ehem hihi.

Well guys, actually i really wanted to post my pictures on too. But i', sorry i can't do it now. My friends, tata, hasn't uploaded my pictures on her facebook so that i can't tagged to mine and the result is, yeah, i don't get the pictures yet. I'll post them as soon as possible. Here is just the one and the only one that i got from my friend sindo. And also she editted it too. Thanks baby!

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  1. i always know that i looked so gorgeous in that batik but u don't have to fancy me that way. :D

  2. What the? pede abis lo nando!!! you're not included to the 'cool boys' that i mean! hahahahahahhahahaha

  3. of course i'm not, cause i'm a grown-up man!

  4. Sok dewasa! hahahahhahaa. duh si tata baru upload fotonya lagi, jadi mesti di update ulang huh


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