Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cool students on Batik

Here are my promise, tata had uploaded the photos so yeay, i can update them on my blog hihi. Thanks tata! (I actually begged tata too much to upload the photos last night, and so i have to say thanks to her eh)

For others pictures just get them from my facebook then :)

P.s : Midtest is coming. I will get a lot of stress. Study a lot. People say that study a lot makes us perfedt but in fact, I'm not huhu. Science class is really killing me huaaaaaaaa! Help me!


  1. Ah i love what you wear!

  2. we did absolutely rock on hahauahaua! and the mid-test is really hell!!!!!!

  3. Oh geez, i've just realized that there's you in almost everypictures that i uploaded. hiiiiiih! yeah, midtest is relly hell!


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