Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bithday Boy/Treating

Yeay yeay yeay.............
Here is, my birthday boy. I'm sorry for a little bit late for posting. I'm having a bunch of things to do, basketball competition, homeworks, school's project and so on. But no matter how busy i am, i certainly remember my bf's birthday yeay! Happy 18th birthday sweetheart! I'm wishing you all the best, be more mature than before :)

And yesterday we jusr had a little rivate party. just for me and him hihi. We went to summarecon again as usual, watching The ugly truth, eating the lovable chicken cordon bleu, enjoying Mcflurry hmm............... I loved it! And fyi, he treated me for those all. Thanks baby!

Anyways, just for suggestion, i think you all have to watch the ugly truth. Really it's kinda movie that can entertaint me. Romantic-comedy. Cool! I gave my thumbs up for this movie. Don't forget to watch it guys!

And for the last, as usual, here are some pictures of my bf and
i :))

What i wore :
Skirt : Custom made skirt

Top : Ciwalk Bandung
Semi anle strap : Yongki Komaladi
Bag : Bottega veneta
Bracelets : Random places

P.s : I'm preparing for my basketball competition tomorrow in Ricci II cup Oxygen. Get a pretty well rest, save my energy, drink a lot of mineral of water, not to eat a lot of fat. Hmm, seems it will Hope so :)

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. thanks for dropping by on my blog. haha aku udah nonton dan aku bilang bagus bgt. kan aku nulis di blognya :D kalo belom nonton dan ga suka.. ga mungkin tulis di blog kan? hahaa :D

  2. I love mcflurry!! congrats with ya bf by the way!

    One Love,

  3. i love your skirt, and the whole outfit is SO cute!!! ;)

  4. cute skirt cute outfit.good

  5. makasih say :)

    love ur outfits, you looks so cutee


  6. aww you look so cute together x) and i love your outfit , nice skirt ! btw i've watched the ugly truth . it's indeed a great movie ! love it so much . haha . have a nice day !

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaah lucu baget roknya! atasannya juga deh! Salam kenal :)

  8. @kak June : Thanks a lot kak ;)

    @Becky : Hihi thanks ya Becky! The ugly truth is really cool! I remember when Mike and Abby danced together. aaaaaah that's great!

    @Dwi : Makasih banyak ya :) Salam kenal juga.

  9. Happy birthday to your bf! Looks like you guys had a great time :) Love your skirt!

  10. thanks for dropping by my blog !
    you're such a pretty girl . love ur doe eyes much ! wish i have those big eyes of yours..
    and i love the ugly truth too !

    hope u'll keep visiting my blog and follow it too :)
    Glisters & Blisters

  11. You're welcome michelle. your blog is such a cool. hmm, i do thank to God about having these eyes hehe thanks a lot michelle :))


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