Friday, September 25, 2009

Taking a Breath

Yups, it''s holiday guys! It's time to take a breath for a while, time to take a breath from you hecti time with your school's sucks assignments or maybe from your works. Yeah, i hope you have avery bery nice holiday. You know why, because i do don't feel it at all. How can i enjoy my holiday, i have to work at home, reaplacing my servant's work. Yeah, i have no servant anymore since i don't know when. It's quite hard to find the new one ehem.

Actually my holiday just full-filled by something useless. Sleeping everytime and everywhere i want, eating so much. Damn. I'm gaining so much weight. Sluts! But, it's okay. I don't really care about my weight actually. I have so much delicious things to eat lately. Salmon for my breakfast, Callamari for my lunch, Peking duck for my dinner. Hem, i can't hardly wait for the next yummmy meal atually hihi :)

Anyways, last Wednesday i went to Pim with my bf. Just for fun actually. Watching a movie, Eating at Platinum, Searching for Gaudi Sale, and J-cooling with the Mochi and Kiwi! I watched Get Married 2. This is my first time i watch Indonesian movie for this year actually hihi. I don't really like Indonesia's movie's genre. Horror but silly. But this one, comedy. Yeah, i'm a major fan of comedy movie, so i watched it then. Really give my two thumbs up for Hannung, moviemaker. Hitsmakes~

And here is what i wore last Wednesday. Introducing, my new vintage dress :)

I bought this dress in ITC BSD, yeah it must be quite shocking for guys! Right? I bought it in a very low price, just Rp 90.000,- hihi :) I bought a lot of things there, my next purchase in this tore : Bag! Just check it guys, Mannequin shop. But unluckily, i forget about the floor. I'll check it later!

And yesterday, i spent my dy with my sister to Teraskota. Searching some cool stuffs at at i forgot the store's brand!, Chilling at Gramedia, Eating at Solaria. Yeah, perfect. Pictures here!

i'm a major fan of Cheese, this book is really helping me!

And last night, as usual, having photoshoots. Taken by my sister, Angky. What i wore: a denim jacket from Old navy, my sister's white loose top from Rumah Mode Bandung, Unbranded tights from Tanah Abang, and a pair of Custom Made ankle boots. Hem, it's nice, isn't it?

LoveMuach, Silvi


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