Monday, September 21, 2009

Puncak Time!

Yeehhaaa, it's my holiday. Puncak time! yippppppppeeeeeeee! I stayed over night at Villa Tjokro, near cisarua i think hihi. I don't even know exactly where was i for about these three days, i just wanted to enjoy my vacation :)

Here are some pictures that i took there.


Oh my cutie little cousin, Vallerie :)

Swimming time! My daddy looked so handsome haha :)

Pretending that i can swim, actu
ally i can't! haha :)


Family. When we reached the Cibodas.

My sister and Me, at the Cibodas' green house. Unluckily it's closed!

There's no pictures at the third day. Actually i did, but i haven't sent them to my laptop. I'm so lazy to send them huhu. Just wait and see then, i will post it if i'm not lazy hahahahaha.

And you know what, i'm really tired now. I really need a very best rest. Gonna see you soon readers! Bye! Have a nice holiday then. And also, happy eid' dul fitr for you all!

LoveMuach, Silvi


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