Monday, September 7, 2009

Lil' Party

Okay, firstly i wanna say hi and sorry for lacking of posting. I just don't know what i have to post so yaaaaa... I don't post anything. But it's going to be different with now then. I some of things that i will share with you guys.

I attended my friend's 17th birthday dinner at Bowies last Saturday. She's Ayuvira Amaliratia! Yeay. Happy birthday then, Ayu. Wishing you all the best all the time :) Here are some pictures, latter on i will post another pictures then. I haven't got the other from my friends.


Here is, Ayu, The birthday girl!

and here is, what i wore last saturday to the party..

What i wore was a dress from Mannequine, a bag from PVJ Bandung, A pair of custom made Ankle boots, and some stuffs on my left hands.

and for the details.. here some..

And anyways readers, i will rather surprise you i think. Before i went to Bowies last time, I was thinking about what would i wear. And i make it into a looklet. You may see it then. It's quite similar with what i wore last Saturday hihi. I was delighted then when i knew that i have the 'same' dress with what i imagined before hihi :)

Enough then for today. I don't even know wha I have to post again. So, bye readers!

P.S : I'm on my preparation for my english assignment actually. It's kinda weird but I have to retell a story. I choose Cinderella story then, teh easiest one hihi. Just wait for the video ya!


Happy making comments♥♥


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