Monday, September 28, 2009

The first day, The sleepy day

I mean, yeah, this is my first day i get back to the school, just such a sleepy day. Waking up in the morning, waken by my mobile phone's alarm, knowing that this day isn't a holiday. My my, i felt so sleepy at that time even when i was taking a bath. Especially when i came to school, and the lessons were begun. And believe it or not, i did sleep during my first class, Biology. Also, i did dreamt at that time hihi. A little nasty but yeah, i did it, and really enjoy it.

And now, as usual i have to go back to my daily sucks activity. Do my homework, study for the test (oh yes, i do have physics test for tomorrow) and for sure i can't play the internet a lot. That's sucks, isn't it?

But well, i have to do it all now. It's half past three, i haveto take a bath as soon as possible, then continue do my homework. Shit! See you at the next posting okay? Keep reading my blog readers! Muach!


  1. sama aku juga ngantuk kak pas hari pertama huaaaaaaaah!


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