Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

  1. I do love Jason mraz, too much maybe. I think he's great.
  2. I love laughing, especially with my bff.
  3. I can't live without my bff : Katien, Callis, Nando, Hannah, Tata, Tita, Nita, Sisil, Willy, Sindo, Tri (certainly). They always cheer me up everytime i'm down, they're my place to lean on and to cry on.
  4. I loathe hypocrite, especially when someone start overreacting to get something they want.
  5. I love my dad, he's my hero, my superhero.
  6. And Recky, completes my world. They both are the most meaningful men in my life right now.
  7. I never watch TV, especially Indonesian serial TV. Such a mess. Uneducated.
  8. I prefer spending my money in movies to Indonesian serial TV.
  9. I love cheese
  10. And Ice cream
  11. Also Fashion.
  12. I loathe Garlic. So much. Also its family, fried onions, onions, leeks. Yucks!
  13. I also loathe cockroach. Really really loathe it.
  14. I always try dressing myself up nicely everytime i go. And for sure, i just being me when i dress up.
  15. I hate copycat. There's so much copycat around me, and you of course. Beware!
  16. I love sport, basketball is the most.
  17. I love my basketball team, miss my ex-senior basketball team members. Jessica, Teresa, Kania.
  18. Unluckily, i don't know what majors that i have to take later on college.
  19. I can't do any DIY projects. Really. I'm not as creative as my sister. I can't do any DIY project without her instruction. Poor me!
  20. I'm a crybaby, crying a lot.
  21. I'm sick to death of chemistry, physics, math, and biology. But they're my grub since i entered science class then eh.
  22. I can't paint, not like my sister (again).
  23. I do love singing although i know i'm not into singing at all.
  24. I don't like thunder, i hate lightning!
  25. I'm a major fan of Blake lively, i think she's gorgeous.


  1. what a pleasure to have my exquisite name mentioned in here :)

  2. waaww ! i saw my name ! i saw my name ! LOL

  3. I'm sure you can do DIY stuff :)
    yg ptg niat dan yakin klo kamu bisa bikin :D

  4. thanks for dropping by on my blog dear ;)

  5. @nando, kania, callis: you all really mean to me:)

    @Kak Fika: I wished so. tapi emang ngga bisa kak, aku ga kreatif kayak kakak huhu

    @Kak caroline: You're welcome. Nice blog!

  6. silvi...it's awesome!!!
    great job!! keep it doin' dear...
    makes an inspiration for me blogging better than before...hahhaa...( actually i have blog but still confuse how to operate that...and sometimes too lazy to post something)
    o ya, happy anniversary 11th months to silvi and recki...langgeng2 yah...

  7. Thanks a lot jel :) Actually there are a lot of nicer blogger than me, just keep blogwalking on my THE IT COOL, FASHION INSPIRATION link list. They're also cool!

  8. i also like blake lively! cantik.


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