Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lovable. Lot of Love

I'm so sorry readers for not posting too often lately. Since I'm going to science class, I've been super tired all the day huaaaaah! I even can't take a nap to get a rest............ a lot of homeworks are waiting in a line fufufu.

One more day that I will never forget. Yes. It's 26th of August, the 10th months anniversary for me and my boy. Honestly, it's quite hard to reach the 10th month. So many problems come through our relationship but, now we are :) Happy 10th months anniversary boy!


Anyways, my sister just went home last Thursday. I picked her up and oh yes, she bought me a new wallet. Floreal wallet. She bought this wallet near Unpar, her college. Days' Co for the exact name for the store :) It's quite simple, oldiest flowery. It isn't so expensive, just Rp 79.000,00. Take a look of theese pictures then, the fist one is the front side and the second is the inside one. Also the third one is some of accessories that she bought for mee, too ;3

Thanks sister!

Well, I'm not going shopping for a short time I think, but...... surprisingly my auntie gave me a giordano pink tshirt hihi. She just went back from Singapore and for sure that's a gift for me from her. But unluckily, it is too small for me. I just can use it about a short time maybe huhu. But I think it's okeay! Thanks auntie!

Directly I use it, I wear this new tshirt for my mom's birthday! Yeaaaaaay! Yesterday was my mom's 41st birthday. It was 28th of August. And we went to d'cost to have a simple family dinner, a very far from fancy dinner hihi. Happy Birthday Mommy! Wish you luck through your next life........... IMOMMY

My mom My dad

The Super Ikan Gurame Asam Manis

What I wore was my new giordano pink tshirt and Ako skinny jeans, and some accessories on my left hand.

That's all for today's news :) I'll post another latter on, when I have much time for posting. See you latte readers! xoxo, Muachos!

P.s : I miss my boy so badly! Take some times to hang out please my dearest!


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