Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Much Worse, Much Better

I feel worse this whole day. Actually I've felt something wrong about my body, I felt like I ain't fit this nowdays. I'm sick to death of my duty this days. Yeah, it's been going worse and worse eachdays.

But I think, just one thing that ever cheer me up in this situation. You know what, my sister has bought Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince in Blitzmegaplex Teraskota BSD. What a cool sister she is! hmm actually I asked her buying the tickets too, but usually she won't buy it for me, but not for now ;3 thanks sist!

I really curious to watch this film. I really want to know how Emma Watson a.K.a Hermione Granger dresses her up in that film. Yeah, I saw her in the Premiere of her Film, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, and you know what, I really fond of what she wore and how she acted herself in that event. Take a look of it then, she's really be the next of top model, Agyness Deyn maybe? or Kate moss perhaps? huahhaha ;3

And also take a look of it then..

LoveMuach, Silvi


  1. Glamorous Emma Watson looks so elegant wearing those polka dotted <a href=">Feminine dresses</a>!

  2. Glamorous Emma Watson looks so elegant wearing those polka dotted Feminine Dresses! (


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