Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Mini Tiny Muse.

 MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Mini Messenger Bag from

Spending my weekend at home, strolling down the street near my neighborhood as soon as I got my Michael Kors package from Shopbop. So happy to have this one after experiencing international online shopping from Shopbop. I bought Selma Mini Messenger Bag by MICHAEL Michael Kors for $178 with additional tax to Indonesia around $80. So in total, I just spend $258 for this mini tiny muse. So worthed, right? I bet this price is cheaper than I have to buy it in my hometown. Moreover, shopping at Shopbop is way easier than any other online shop. It is free delivery as well if you spend above $100. And what I love most is, it just takes like around 3-4 days working hour to get my order at home.

So, what's your plan for your weekend guys? Me, just spend it in my home with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday, plus.. wondering around what should I buy next at Shopbop. Since it comes to fall season already, do you have any recommendation what should I buy at Shopbop? Here are some of my current obsession. What's yours?


Have a nice weekend everyone!

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stair Away to Campus.

My mother said, no matter what, I have to finish my bachelor degree in order to get a perfect life. Well, it might be nor the perfect one, but at least the better one. Like Phil Mickelson said, "I think a college education is important no matter what you do in life." My mother is so inspired by these words. So, here I come. It is my current campus life. Entering the last chapter of my campus life; my last semester. Been too busy with current work, class, thesis defense, and my other activities. But hope everything will be fine since I am really enjoying my daily routine now, especially for my thesis defense, thing that I will die and fight for until it gets finished in January. Wish me luck for everything, guys!
Et Cetera Black Shirt, UNIQLO Pants, Bag from Local Store, Hello Voila Bleu Polka Shoes.

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Friday, August 22, 2014

While Ago.

Cotton Ink Crop Top, Old Navy Jeans Jacket, Zara Pants, Decimal Unisex Booties, Bag from Local Store, Casio Watch

You might have seen these pictures above from my Instagram account. Because yes, these all were taken while ago. Photographed of the past, when all of circumstances are much different with what happen right now. But people have to move on with what they are facing right now. Past events will stay as lessons. Do not go back and stay go forward to your future. Like Steve Maraboli said, "It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on." However, make sure that you still framed your best picture of the day of your past, make it as your new spirit to confront the reality.

"You can't look back - you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future." Jodi Picoult.

LoveMuach, Silvi.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cocktail Dress x

Little black dress might be the must-have-item for every girl. It looks simple, sexy, but still classy. You can wear little black dress to various occasions such as wedding ceremony, birthday party, work, and the most important thing is, cocktail party. Who doesn't love cocktail party? I am one of a big fan of this kind of party since I am in love wearing little black cocktail dresses. For your information, offers you various kind of cheap black cocktail dresses. If you are about to look for the affordable black cocktail dresses, I highly recommend you to look for

The pictures above are what I love most from cocktail dresses collection. If you are a statement-lovers, you might love the first dresses because it really pays attention to the shoulder details statements. If you want to be sexy at the first glance, you might love the second dress. This sexy cocktail dress will positively show your sexiness from the first glance. And if you want to be looked sexy at back, the third one is the perfect one. And the last one, would be my most favorite cocktail dress. Simply classy. Well suitable for the sophisticated lady.

For more short cocktail dresses collection, you might see in here

So what are you waiting for? Let's grab these all affordable cocktail dresses now before you miss it!

LoveMuach, Silvi.
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